By Design, In Your Time

In your time72

Towering waves will crash across your southern capes.
Massive storms will reach your eastern shores.
Fields of green will tumble through your summer days.
By design, in your time.

Kaylene at My Whisperings has selected “favorite song” as our Qutography prompt this week. As I have lots of faves, it was very hard to select just one. But given my fetish with sun, sand and surf, I settled on this one of the ocean from a cliff top in Tulum, Mexico and paired it with the song, In Your Time, by Bob Seger.

Have you ever really paid attention to the lyrics to this song? It’s quite the soul-searcing song about how we’ll experience the loss of our innocence about life, and be forced to deal with its challenges dead ends and attacks on us. The song cautions us to look for signs along life’s way, and be carful not to veer from the path that leads us to success. And above all, be true to ourselves and receive others with an open heart.

But it’s the last line, By design, in your time, that really speaks volumes. It leads us to believe that  all these things happen by design…in their appointed time.

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10 thoughts on “By Design, In Your Time

  1. “all these things happen by design…in their appointed time.” I think perhaps they do, although sometimes we veer from the design with decisions we make.
    A beautiful photo and beautiful thoughts.


    • Hello Carol! Yes, we all have a tendency to veer from that “perfect line.” Perhaps that is by design as well….so we have a chance to learn and face the future stronger and better for it?


  2. Lisa, I will have to go over to You Tube and find this song because just reading the lyrics peeked my interest 🙂

    ” By design, in your time, that really speaks vol­umes.”

    Yes, it sure does!

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Happy Monday to ya!



  3. These photographs are also my favourites, I am a sailing girl from way back, love your interpretation of the words. Thank you for sharing.


  4. I am very familiar with this song, and have definitely listened to the lyrics.
    One of my favorites.
    I love what you did with this palm tree, Lisa. A wonderful edit!

    Happy day to you, my friend!


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