The year Winter forgot to take Spring Break

The calendar says it’s the end of March. My daffs and hyacinths are up and budding. The grass is was greening up nicely. The temps should be in the 50s and 60s. We’re ready or winter to make its annual exit, stage left.

Except Old Man Winter had very different plans. Plans that didn’t include the traditional spring break vacay so many people look forward to this time of year. He took this week to dump another 8 inches of snow on Middle Missouri! So don’t put those winter coats away just yet.


But the up side to this is that our grandson is here visiting us from Alabama for his school spring break. And he’s never seen this much snow….ever. Peanut was only one year old when she experienced this much snow, and I’m sure she doesn’t remember. So, it’s like she’s experiencing it for the first time…again.

Here’s what it looks like when two Alabama kids are turned loose in a snowstorm.

Big Brother snow

Peanut snowball
There is something about throwing snowballs at my camera that is simply irresistible to her. Notice the direction of the furball’s momentum as he’s leaping to catch the snowball. Yes, right towards me.

Snowball fight
Smack in the back, just like a typical brother!

Tanner snowball
If you didn’t know Tanner, you’d probably be a bit terrified by this photo.

Peanut catching snowflakes

Big Brother catching snowflakes

snow shovel fight
He threw one too many snowballs at her while she was shoveling. Paybacks are a ……

Big Brother snow 2

Big Brother snow angel
His very first snow angel.

Peanut snow angel
I think Peanut made one when she was one year old, but probably didn’t enjoy the experience.

building snowman
On to Snowman Construction 101.


And that’s how you play in a snowstorm.


6 thoughts on “The year Winter forgot to take Spring Break

  1. Funny you mentioned spring break, because I was out and about walking around the city today and kept seeing a TON of youngin’s. Then it finally dawned on me….SPRING BREAK!

    AWESOME photos, Lisa! I was smiling all through them. Especially the ones of your grandchildren catching snowflake on their tongues and making snow angels.

    I must be a kid at heart because I do those two same things!

    WOW…you got a heap of snow!!!



  2. Only kids and the young at heart can enjoy late snows! For the rest of us it’s time for a change. Loved the pics, especially the one of Amy throwing the shovel full of snow at grandson.


  3. All that snow! All that joy! 🙂

    I thought of you the other night when there was something on Anderson Cooper about a gent (in your general vicinity I think) who sculpts amazing things in major snow!

    His latest, this week? I believe it was Gene Simmons from Kiss!


    An example of grownup joy in piles of the white stuff?


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