Snow Puppers

I’m a bit late for Water World Wednesday. I seriously thought about skipping this week, but have these super-cute pictures of our puppers in last Sunday’s Spring Break snow. 🙂

Here are our Pupsicles….


You all know Tanner, our Golden Retriever. Tanner is in heaven when it snows. He will look longingly out the window when it’s snowing and wait patiently until someone wants to go out and play. Sometimes it’s a long wait.

Dixie snow

Miss Dixie is a new resident. She is one of Peanut’s puppers and had never before seen snow until last Sunday. After a bit of hesitancy, she was bounding around the yard with Tanner like pro. I think they’ll be best buds soon.

Peyton snow

Miss Peyton is Peanut’s other pupper and was here a few of years ago when they all lived with us after Dad was deployed to Afghanistan. She hates all things water and prefers to spend her time indoors on a pillow. We think she’s really a cat in a dog disguise because she will groom anything that is wet…including Tanner.

That’s our pack of puppers. So far, they’re getting along well together in the backyard. We’re not sure who will emerge as the Alpha Dog. My money is on Queen Peyton.

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4 thoughts on “Snow Puppers

  1. What an exciting and busy household you must have now!
    It is so good that all of the dogs are getting along.
    I absolutely love Tanner. Such a handsome fella.

    Have a wonderful Easter, my friend. xo.


  2. Lisa, what precious photos of such precious FACES!

    I love the look in Miss Dixie’s eyes – she’s so focused on something that you can actually see her thinking.

    “We think she’s really a cat in a dog dis­guise because she will groom any­thing that is wet…including Tanner.”

    OMG…how cute!

    Thanks for sharing the gang, Lisa. Enjoyed!



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