Will winter eeevveer end?

TT-redbud72Texture by Kim Klassen: Providence; multiply at 70%

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland

The calendar says spring, but the temps says winter. A cold rain that really, really, really wants to be snow is falling today and the thermometer says 38F at 3:30 in the afternoon…the warmest part of the day.

And the garden is not yet planted.

And the hot water heater had a meltdown three days ago.

And Tanner still has tummy troubles.

Fortunately, I still have chocolate.

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15 thoughts on “Will winter eeevveer end?

  1. Ahhhhhh chocolate.
    Then all is right with the world.
    Exact same temp here today, but our rains coming tomorrow.
    Sure hope Tanner is feeling all better soon. xo.


  2. Yup, we’ve been experiencing the same strange weather, Lisa! A week ago it was so spring-like, then this week it turned back to winter. I actually had to wear my heavy winter coat (with thermal liner) and gloves yesterday. Tomorrow it’s supposed to go back into the high 70’s, then go back down to freezing temps for the rest of the week and next.

    Love your photograph!



  3. Oh, I hear your plight, Lisa. Even though the sun is out today (and yesterday), we’ve had our share of dreary weather and cooler temps too.
    Your photo is awesome though, a perfect image to combat the “winter” (or the unspring-like) blues.


  4. I noted a teasing flicker of sun this morning, which is now gone. I’m astonished at how chilly it is, still. Then again, more time to enjoy the favorite sweaters, and I guess we’ll be more appreciative when the warmth installs itself an sticks around!


  5. Pretty picture. I have been happy with the cooler temps as last year we had 80s and 90s all year long. We also have had rain this year which is a good thing. Course cooler here is 55-60 where the natives say they are cold and I think ‘”ahhh.”


  6. Such a lovely Spring photo. I hope you get warm days soon. Here, we are on the middle of our autumn and the nights are getting cold now. Thank you for your visit.


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