Hello, my name is…..

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We’ve all met them. They’re the ones that patiently stalk us….waiting.

Then, at just the perfect time, they introduce themselves and, if we’re not careful, move into the extra bedroom and become permanent renters in our lives.

And spiritual warfare begins. I see you rolling your eyes. But you know I’m right. There are forces in this world whose soul purpose is to destroy our happiness and security. They take their responsibilities very seriously and do a magnificent job. After all, these forces have the advantage of centuries to perfect their craft. Their resources and knowledge span time and eternity. And often, since we only have a short amount of time on this earth to learn how to combat their tactics, we’re powerless to stop them.

Hello, my name is Regret, and I’m quite positive we’ve met.
How much of our lives are wasted looking backwards and feeling sad about the things we’ve done…or not done. Regret robs us of moving forward towards brighter hopes and dreams. Regret would much prefer us to wallow in misery and throw a perpetual pity party. When we’re fixated on our past, it’s oh so easy to overlook the positive things going on in our lives. I’m not saying we shouldn’t learn from our mistakes. Acknowledging and using the past to help chart out a better future is a constructive way to approach life. I’m saying that partying too much with Regret can be counterproductive to anything pro-active. Think of it like an endless hangover.

Hello, my  name is Guilt, let me destroy the life you’ve built.
You’ve heard of the buddy system? Well, Guilt seems to always be tagging along with Regret, hoping to benefit from the swath of destruction. After Regret is finished, Guilt tends to stick around to make sure we never forget the terrible decisions we’ve made in the past. Even if we’ve taken steps to rectify our mistakes, Guilt loves to drag them back out, putting them front and center at every opportunity…through our own self-defeating attitude, or through others who won’t let us ever live down what we’ve done.

Hello, my name is Doubt, and I’ll help you sort it all out.
But, what if….
is the calling card of Doubt. By strategically offering what seems to be viable alternatives, Doubt is always stirring the pot of happiness, hoping it will boil over and ruin everything. And many times we’re oblivious to what just happened. Sometimes Doubt relishes the idea of using our intellect to help rationalize or justify our thinking, masking the truth. Then it twists our arm so we pat ourselves on the back on how smart we are. Doubt sometimes brings a clever little helper called Worry to ensure we don’t lose focus on all the negative possibilities and outcomes.

Hello, my name is Defeat, and I’m almost impossible to beat.
Defeat….that point when we just give up and give in. Defeat is sort of like being introduced to The Closer. In sales, The Closer is the one who seals the deal. The Closer gains the trust of the prospect and, in turn, makes the decision to buy an easy one. Defeat quietly buddies up to us and spends a lot of time getting to know our fears and faults…all the time whispering in our ear so not to be too noticeable. Then, Defeat creates a seamless method for us to just give up and lose hope in the future. Defeat fills our heads and hearts with trash talk, leaving little room for much else. SCORE, and the deal is sealed.

Hello, my name is Hope, and I can knot the end of your rope.
When Regret, Guilt, Doubt and Defeat are laughing as we dangle at the end of our rope, it’s time to call for rescue. And our rescuer is always Hope. Hope is the one that ties a secure knot so we don’t completely slip off the rope into the abyss. Hope points us towards a confident expectation of the future. And Hope always introduces us to Faith…in something. Consider Hope and Faith a saving Dynamic Duo because when we have hope, we begin to have faith the future will be better than the present.

But Hope and Faith rarely travel alone. They always bring an entourage that includes Grace, Love, Trust, Mercy and Forgiveness. For me, Hope and Company always bring a sense of peace to my life…even when it seems like it’s spiraling out of control. With them, I live not by random chance, but as a child of God with a clear destination. I am free to live my life without being manipulated by Regret, Guilt, Doubt and Defeat.

With Hope and Faith, I can learn from my mistakes and moments of weakness. I can look at terrible things that have happened to me and trust they’ve happen for a purpose. God’s Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness are always my bodyguards when Regret, Guilt, Doubt and Defeat come calling.

Hello, my name is….

Who is stalking you?

16 thoughts on “Hello, my name is…..

  1. *clapping*

    Lisa, this post is BEYOND fabulous!!!!

    I love, love, love the way you presented it! “Hello, my name is….”

    “How much of our lives are wasted looking back­wards and feeling sad about the things we’ve done…or not done. Regret robs us of moving for­ward towards brighter hopes and dreams.”

    Last year, about three weeks before my mother passed away, I shared a post on regrets because she and I spoke about dying with regrets. It was probably the most awesome conversation she and I ever had, because through talking with her, we both came to the conclusion that there is no point (other than learning from our past mistakes) in regretting.

    “With Hope and Faith, I can learn from my mis­takes and moments of weak­ness. I can look at ter­rible things that have hap­pened to me and trust they’ve happen for a pur­pose. ”


    Again, excellent post! And thanks for sharing it!

    Have a terrific day….X


    • Thanks for stopping by Ron. It’s great that you had a chance to have such an important talk with your mom before her passing. Hope your day is terrific as well.


  2. I think this is possibly the most beautiful and important post you’ve ever written, Lisa. This is so true. We must be careful who we allow to move in…sometimes it happens before we know it. Here’s to evicting those useless tenants!


  3. I’m supposed to be on my way to work but decided I needed to catch up with some folks I’ve been missing lately.

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this. I’ve reached defeat and am fighting so hard to not give up but I don’t feel as though I’m making any forward progress. I don’t believe in coincidences and know I was meant to read this today. I have a ton of minor & less than major health issues that need sorting out and am feeling completely overwhelmed.

    I’m tucking a bunch of hope and company into my bag as I head out to do some of things that need doing. One step at a time. Thanks Lisa.


    • Hello Cheryl! I don’t believe in coincidences either. May Hope and Faith’s entourage accompany you today and always.


  4. Insightful and brilliant as always. I always enjoy reading your posts. The only thing that can beat them is when we get to speak in person. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us all.


  5. This post is just amazing! You have put your thoughts, wisdom and words together in a way that is so very moving. And true. Regret and guilt come to visit me more often than I like, but most of the time I am able to sweep them away quickly. Defeat came to visit recently as it does on occasion – we had a discussion that lasted a good part of the day, but then I finally was able to overcome that which was defeating me, so victory chased defeat away.
    Thank you for these words.


    • Hello Carol! I know you are no stranger to the dark forces in life. Glad to hear you were victorious over their recent attempts. 🙂


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