How to get from point A to point B

a ‘lilhoohaa has thrown open a photo challenge to those of us who have cameras attached to the end of our arms. It’s only once a month, so there’s a good chance I’ll be able to succeed. Except this month, as the theme is transportation. Unless you count raindrops, hail and snow as methods of getting from point A to point B, there wasn’t a lot of transportation picture taking going on this month! So, here, out of the gate, I’m fudging on the rules a bit.

Here are my five transportation shots for April’s challenge. Not amazing, but it’s the best I can do this month.

I’m also linking up with Water World Wednesday since most of my shots seem to involve water…in some form.

spring break snow
This was how spring break began. With 10 inches of snow, walking was a bit challenging.

balloon descent2
We live in an area where the yards are all about 2 acres. It’s not uncommon to see this sight rising out of a neighbors yard when the weather is conducive to flying…which it wasn’t over spring break…or most of the month of April.

old boat
This boat  probably has not been recently used for transportation. But in its day, I’m sure it was quite a beauty.

The gull sees farthest who flies highest. ―Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Think about it.

I’ve always thought parasailing over the ocean would be a fabulous experience. In reality, I think I’m terrified to try it.

Check out the other transport shots at PJ’s place, A ‘lil Hoohah, for the April Photo Challenge: Transportation.

Linking up with Water World Wednesday
Water World Wednesday


11 thoughts on “How to get from point A to point B

  1. I agree with Nancy, I think you did fabulous with this theme, Lisa!

    Love them all! The color you captured in the hot air balloon photo is just stunning! And the one of the seagulls in mid-flight is truly awesome! Love the quote from Richard Bach. I actually read that book!

    Brava! Great job, my friend!



  2. As glad as I am that the snow’s gone, I love a deep fluffy spring snowfall as in the first pic.

    I like the ocean pics alot. There’s something dreamy calm about them.


  3. Love that snow show. With this winter, it really helps tell the story of transportation. Should have had a sled shot, too! 🙂 Welcome to the challenge!


  4. These are some wonderful photos. The snow reminds me of Finland, thank god spring finally arrived here, too.. And the ones of the boat and of the seagulls are lovely, too. 🙂


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