Steel magnolias

mom quote72
texture by Nancy Claeys: L131, 68% hard light

Being a mother is learning about strengths
you didn’t know you had,
and dealing with fears
you didn’t know existed.
~Linda Wooten

Since this is Mother’s Day week, it’s only fitting that Quotography’s theme is “mothers.”

We’re a lot stronger than we look, aren’t we? To the outside world, most of us look like little magnolia flowers; one good storm away from being destroyed.

But inside…..inside we rival the man of steel. Once women become mothers, they quickly learn about inner strength as well as unparalleled fear. And, Southern or not, we all become steel magnolias to some degree.

We are Melanie and Scarlett in Gone with the Wind. We are Shelby, M’Lynn, Annelle, Clairee, Truvy and Ouiser in Steel Magnolias. We’ve tasted and seen the best and worst life has to offer…and have become stronger for it. We’ve felt the indescribable pain of childbirth and joy of holding a newborn child, marveling at life’s miracles….and conversely, some of us have felt the insurmountable pain of the miscarriage, sickness or death of a child.

Yes, through our mommy experiences, our resolve and determination become strong as steel, and as beautiful as a magnolia. We cope the best we can…confronting marriage, single parenthood, health, loneliness and work-related issues. We live with both hopes and dreams for our children’s future coupled with deep, dark fears about their safety as they spread their wings to fly away. Most everything we do, we do with their best interests in mind, whether they realize it or not. And many times, that, in itself, is what solidifies our steel.

Call us Mother, Mama, Mommy, Mom or Madre, we all have our own set of complicated issues. And through them and the bonds we form with the other women with whom we share this title, we learn a lot about ourselves, our fears and, ultimately, our strengths.

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11 thoughts on “Steel magnolias

  1. Lisa, I adore this post and for so many reasons!

    It’s so utterly ironic that you share ‘Steel Magnolias’ because I actually WATCHED that movie last night, I kid you not!

    “We’re a lot stronger than we look, aren’t we? To the out­side world, most of us look like little mag­nolia flowers; one good storm away from being destroyed.

    But inside.….inside we rival the man of steel.”

    Amen! Even though I’m a man, I have always believed that women are MUCH strong than men.

    Also, smarter!

    AWESOME post, my friend!



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