Bloom wildly

lily vintage-TT-72
Textures by Kim Klassen: Edith, 65% screen; Elevate 100% soft light
Selectively erased the center buds and applied a vintage action

Live Simply. Bloom Wildly.

Blooming wildly is something, I’m sure we all want to do. But how? How do we live up to the potential we know we have, deep down inside ourselves? How do we explode with color and show the world what we’re capable of accomplishing?

First we get rid of all the baggage we’re toting around. Yes, you do know what I mean. Mentally clean house and take out the trash we’ve been collecting over the weeks, months or years. Critically analyze what is going on inside our pretty little heads. Keep the best and lose the rest. Lose the insecurities that keep us from feeling confident. Lose the self-defeating trash talk. Lose the low-bar expectations. Lose the mindset that I’m only just a……

Next, we get out of our comfort zone and away from those security blankets we tend to wrap ourselves in when life gets a bit scary. Let’s be honest. We all like spending time in our comfort zones. Call them bad habits. Call them crutches. Call them insecurities. But they need to be called out and kicked out. Too much comfort and security can lead to stagnant living. How can we do bold, wildly exciting things in our lives when we retreat to only the things we know best?

Here are some of the things that usually keep us from blooming wildly:

1. Filling our time with easy, non-challenging tasks that don’t stretch our creativity or intelligence.
2. Not stretching our minds to learn new things; being content with our current skill sets.
3. Not taking the risk to meet new people and expand our circle of friends and influencers.
4. Holding on to those bad habits that shield us from dealing with reality and reaching our potential; excessive shopping or smoking or drinking or prescription/illegal drug use or overeating or….(fill in the addiction)….

All these things can become a hinderance to our potential. All these things keep us trapped in a life that doesn’t exceed expectations. When we tote around all our baggage and wrap ourselves in security blankets, we end up complicating our lives more than they need to be. Live simply. Clear everything out that doesn’t serve a constructive purpose; get rid of the things that don’t propel us to the next level of excellence.

Then, go forth and Bloom Wildly!

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13 thoughts on “Bloom wildly

  1. “Too much com­fort and secu­rity can lead to stag­nant living.”

    So agree, Lisa! I think because of the uncertain (no guarantee) careers I have always been drawn to in my life so far, I’ve come to realize that there really is no such thing as security. I would rather do something that I feel passionate about, and take a chance. Than do something just for comfort purposes. Sure, it’s scary at time. But scary is good.

    FAB post!


    P.S. lovely photo!


  2. Lisa,
    I saw your link on Nancy Claeys Tuesday Muse.

    Your picture is beautiful and your words awesome. Thank You for the inspiration.

    I look forward to following more of your thoughts.


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