A day of firsts

Registration and medical forms? Check.
Backpack? Check. Disney princess, of course.
Quiet time blanket and pillow? Check. Disney princess print, of course.
Quiet time lovey? Check.
Extra change of clothes? Check.
Sunscreen and hat? Check.

Peanut is going to school today. And the school is only a block from our office! After four and a half years, she’s ready for preschool and chomping at the bit to get there. Mom and dad have prepared her well, socially as well as academically. And we’re sure she’ll thrive in this new environment. She was cautiously excited when I took her into the classroom. I sensed a bit of anxiety…or maybe that was my own. Not sure. But she hugged me goodbye, turned and headed into the play room with the other kids, never looking back.

Just as her Mama did oh so many years ago.


But it really doesn’t seem that long ago when I was taking “first day of school” shots of Mama with her backpack on the front porch steps. Gaawwwd, am I that old? Evidently.

And there’s more “firsts” going on at our house. As you may remember, Peanut and her family are once again living in the lower level “apartment” in our house. Peanut’s Daddy will be going to school on his GI Bill in the fall and they will be with us until he finishes.

And in the meantime, Mama is stepping out into the workforce (because an income with medical benefits is a handy thing to have these days). And today is her very first day at her new job!

Professional wardrobe? Check.
Super cute new shoes? Duh.
Cute lunchbox? Check.
Can-do attitude? Check.
Mommy worries while at work? Probably a triple check.

Armed with her Psychology degree, Peanut’s Mama is now a Youth Services Investigator. In short, that means she’s the first responder to any family “situation” where a child’s safety is involved. She will assess the situation and make her recommendation as to what course of action is in the best interest of the child.

Eye-opening experiences are ahead of her, I’m sure. She’ll need to draw on her knowledge of human psychology, her mommy instincts and the tenants of her faith as she faces these challenging situations. But I’m sure, despite her first-day anxiety of the unknown, she will thrive as well.


Two of my most favorite women, complete with tenacity that tends to run in our family. Two women, ready to step out and make their mark.

Definitely a day of firsts, all around.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. ~2 Timothy 1:7

6 thoughts on “A day of firsts

  1. OMG, what an exciting day, Lisa!!!!

    Reading about your granddaughters first day at school, brought back so many memories for me and my first day. Gosh, I can recall that like it was yesterday!

    “Two of my most favorite women, com­plete with tenacity that tends to run in our family. Two women, ready to step out and make their mark.”

    TOTALLY smiling at that!

    Great photos, Lisa!



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