Breathing room

violas72Texture by Kim Klassen: Mini May Set, grungeframed at 40% hard light
with a little erasing to bring back the viola blossom.

If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Breathing Room

May at our house is commonly referred to as May-hem. This year, May assaulted us with six birthdays, a wedding anniversary, a graduation party and Mother’s Day…and the month isn’t over yet. One birthday was a surprise party at Busch Stadium in St. Louis the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend; and then we turned around and drove to Kansas City to celebrate Mom’s Day and some more birthdays on Sunday. Add to that my adjunct teaching end-of-the-semester student presentations and there’s been little time to even breathe.

Oh, and Peanut and her Mama started preschool and a new job on top of everything else! So do some more math by adding in getting used to new routines. Work has ramped up to crazy-busy status.

But wait….there’s more! But this event warrants a post of its own…as soon as I can find the time! 🙂

I finally got outside to take some late spring photos late Sunday afternoon. This sweet little viola is from that outing. Hopefully I’ll be showing you more in a few days.

Organized chaos. Yep, that pretty much describes our corner of the world. I swear I met myself on the road the other day, and it seems like forever since I put words together here. I’m trying to keep current with everyone’s posts and updates, but it’s evident I can either write/post or read/comment. And I’m not doing a very good job of either one these days.

Breathing room. Very little of that going on these days. At the moment, we might be in a short  lull in the schedule, but it’s more likely I’ve just forgotten something.

If the above quote is true, you can count that we’re embracing life with a bear hug!

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12 thoughts on “Breathing room

  1. Yes, Lisa, this has been a busy month for so many bloggers I blog with – LOTS going on.

    But hey, that’s spring, right? Renewal and activity.

    No worries my friend, your readers totally understand 🙂

    LOVE the photo of the pansies! In fact, I was on the phone with a friend of mine about an hour ago, and he and I were talking about pansies and what a happy and cheery-looking flower they are.

    Enjoy your week!



  2. I love your words for what is going on … May-hem and Organized chaos. The photo is beautiful and shows the beauty of Mother Nature in the Spring.



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