Pupper love

You’ve heard of puppy love, right? Those warm and fuzzy feelings of infatuation we all felt as children or tweens. And oh, the daydreams and fantasies….

Okay, snap out of it….back to reality.

While it’s not exactly puppy love, at our house we’re into….pupper love!

Tanner used to be an only child. Not anymore. You might remember this shot of the doggie condo expansion project.

When Peanut and her family arrived, in tow were two dogs and three cats (more about them at a later date). When they arrived in the middle of the night, no one was feeling very amicable and Tanner and Dixie had a “moment.” Thankfully, there was a gate between them. We rotated them in and out of the backyard and house, careful not to upset the ones who were feeling a bit displaced.

Tanner Peyton Dixie

But now….now they’re besties. Dixie and Tanner romp in the yard like they’re in….yes, you guess it….puppy love. Peyton is happy to chaperone their activities safely from the patio. They all three hang out in the doggie condo and the only thing they don’t share is their food bowls.

Peyton and Tanner are old friends from when Peanut and her family lived with us before. Think of them as the Gran dam and the Silly Boy.

Miss Dixie might have a bit of Akita in her and it extremely territorial of what she considers “hers” now…which extends to all two and four-legged littermates.

Dixie Peyton Tanner

Where there is one, the other two are not far behind.

They’re now officially a pack.., a pack of pupper loves.

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15 thoughts on “Pupper love

    • They do get territorial, don’t they. With these three, if you reach down to pet one of them, the other two absolutely need to have their share of attention as well.


  1. Aw…how sweet, Lisa!

    It amazes me how much more dogs are accepting and adaptable to bringing in another dog, where as cats, are more resistant to other cats; being territorial animals. Yet, it’s funny how much cat is more willing to accept dog rather than another cat. At one point, my family had a dog AND a cat, and it was so adorable to watch them cuddle together when they slept and lick each others heads. It was SO cute!!!

    Love the third photo down with quote!

    And that last shot depicts Puppy Love perfectly!



  2. My goodness, what a busy house this must be, but it sounds like lots of fun too!
    So glad that everyone made friends. Funny how most of the time, dogs just seem to do that. xo.


  3. This seems to be the week of seeing beautiful pup pictures! (Which makes me miss mine all the more, and want to snuggle up with a big, sweet, lovable mutt. What is it about our pets that brings out the best in us?)


  4. Looks like you have your hands full, but how great that these “kids” now have playmates! In our house Bailey allows Shasta personal and private attention without interference. Shasta does not return the favor. She NEEDS all the attention.


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