Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2013): Night

Well, here it is the end of the month and I’m behind on my photo challenge with PJ over at A ‘lilhoohaa. May’s theme was Night. As a night person, I was super excited….except lately my nights have been consumed with getting 4-year-old Peanut settled and actually in bed. By the time that’s accomplished, I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do is go outside and shoot photos! Plus, the weather has been so blasted crummy it’s either been too chilly or stormy….and not fit for man or beast.

So to the archives we go! Hey, there’s always next month, right? Hope spring eternal…….

SOOTC lamp
No, we’re not in Narnia. This is a lamppost is in one of the newer areas of our neighborhood. Tanner and I found it at the end of a deserted street while walking last summer. It seemed odd there all by itself. Now there’s homes built all around it.

Cancun sailboat sunset
I used this shot for one of my Project 64 entries: Indigo…Shot off the boardwalk at our favorite sunset location in Cancun, La Isla Shopping Center.

More recently, this is a shot of Cancun at dusk during this past year’s vacay; taken from the balcony of our room.

sept moon72
This is one of my only successful shots of a full moon. Again, I’m pulling from Project 64: Bittersweet. 

purple dusk rev
Another shot taken when Tanner and I actually had time to walk in the evening. I’m going to just have to make time to do this again. It was a great mental health activity.

Okay, five Night shots! SCORE! Can’t wait to see what PJ has in store for us for June. 🙂

Stop over and visit PJ at ‘lil HooHaa’s if you want to join us in the fun.





25 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2013): Night

  1. Love the shots – and last night, for the first time, I took a night time shot from our balcony – so having seen your lovely photos now maybe I’ll go and post one of mine (can’t manage 5 I’m afraid – maybe I need a Tanner to take me for walks and open my eyes 🙂 .


  2. Your opening paragraph describes our weather to a T. I was looking forward to all types of hijinks and figuring out how to use my tripod (SCORE! I moved into the 19th century with my equipment).

    I love that first photo taken in Cancun. It’s such a peaceful end-of-day shot, I want to be there.


  3. Yup, I too am a night person, Lisa!

    Beeeeeautiful captures!

    And being a moon-lover, the last two shots really touched me.

    The sunset is stunning!

    Happy Saturday, my friend!


  4. Nicely done. I really should get myself back to the ocean and the beach. It’s been way too long. Can’t go wrong with that brilliant sunset pic.


  5. I’m kinda partial to that sailboat shot – seeing as how I’m a sport fisher(person).

    Cheers from a fellow participant ~


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