Shiver me timbers! Arrgggg!

The grand loves and I are setting sail on a pirate adventure this week. Our church’s Kid’s Club is searching for buried treasure (God’s Word) at vacation bible school and…yes…the theme of choice is Treasure Island which, of course, requires pirates.

I’m a volunteer and my position is a mate to help run the games for K-2nd grade which include a treasure hunt and capture the flag game. I’ve got the required staff tee-shirt and have been encouraged to accessorize with pirate-y types of things. Hmmmmm…post-Halloween witch accessories I have; but that doesn’t seem very appropriate for a number of reasons.

I do a quick search on Google and Pinterest for pirate ideas. Not such a good idea. Here’s a general summary of the pirate-y ideas I found to round out my transformation.

Pirate boots?
Are they kidding? Um. No.

pirate costume?
Oh definitely, because a short little skirt would be sooooo practical hoisting anchor, battening down the hatches, climbing to the crow’s nest and other pirate activities. I suppose the rest of her clothing could be explained that it shrunk when wet to the size of a 4T.

adult pirate costume
Okay, so let’s ditch the impracticality of a skirt and go with Daisy Duke shorts. Yeah, that’s better. Of course I’ll have to stop by the plastic surgeon’s office for some implants.

pirate costume 1
A bit more coverage on top is good when out in the hot sun, and who wouldn’t love the fashion statement of an aqua, sateen jacket with hot pink ribbons? But, alas, we’re back to a skirt. And methinks the lacy material would just get caught on any number of sharp objects. But maybe that’s the point. The sword is a possibility.

pirate fishnets
Since I’m fresh out of fishnet stockings and square dancing skirts, I’ll have to pass on this one.

pirate WTH

pirate mona lisa
And this is just wrong on so many levels. But, I may be able to muster up a parrot out of Peanut’s vast collection of stuffed animals.

Izzy pirate
This is more like it.


8 thoughts on “Shiver me timbers! Arrgggg!

  1. Those costumes would go over real well at church, lol!
    Hmmm…I’m guessing people really wear those to adult costume parties? Wow!
    And did the female pirates really dress like that back in the day? I think not, but then again I wouldn’t know, lol!


  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Lisa, this post made me HOWL! OMG…the photos with your narratives below each image were sheer brilliance!!!

    ” I sup­pose the rest of her clothing could be explained that it shrunk when wet to the size of a 4T.


    I loved the Mona Lisa photo too!

    And those stiletto black boots? I actually work with a girl who wears shoes with heels that high, can you believe it? I don’t know how she walks around all day on a cement floor?!

    Fun post, my friend! Enjoyed it immensely.



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