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Page 20_Walking with the Wise
Texture by Kim Klassen: grey day, hard light 70%

I do not want to cope with adversity.
I want to kick it in the butt, smack it around, grab it by its throat and force it to divulge its hidden benefits, subjugate it as my servant and profit from it enormously.
~Dan Kennedy excerpt in Walking with the Wise

Kaylene at My Whisperings challenged us to find our Quotography this week on page 20 of a book. I looked long and hard…which is why I’m a day late. But I’m happy with what I found and believe it more than describes how we need to view adversity. I’m also using it for Tuesday Muse and Texture Tuesday.

Much like this shot from our February 2011 Snowmageddon event, when adversity and challenge hit, it’s all to easy to throw up our hands in despair, cry out that life just isn’t fair and give up. Isn’t it, isn’t it, isn’t it?? I know I have thought this way many times in the face of devastating obstacles.

But how much healthier would it be if we took this approach and “kicked butt,” to uncover the hidden benefits in those horrible, trying times? How much cooler would it be to view adversity as something that can be harnessed and profited from instead of letting it lay us out in defeat?

For all of you facing challenging situations in life, I wish for you the strength to “kick butt” and never be content to let adversity trample over your future.

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19 thoughts on “Page 20

  1. Interesting… we are both reading books that deal with challenges and times of trouble. I agree, kicking our trials in the butt can benefit not only ourselves, but those around us, in a very good and positive way. I love the photo, too.


  2. “But how much healthier would it be if we took this approach and “kicked butt,” to uncover the hidden ben­e­fits in those hor­rible, trying times? How much cooler would it be to view adver­sity as some­thing that can be har­nessed and prof­ited from instead of let­ting it lay us out in defeat?”

    You are so right, Lisa! And this is something I learned back in 2003, when I went through a very, very challenging period in my life. As difficult as it was for me, I had no other choice than to “kick butt”, or rather what I think of as “embracing it” instead of running away from and resisting. Amazingly enough when I finally embraced it, I found the strength and power to move through it. I learned SO MUCH during that period in my life. It was rough yes, but when I look at it now….it was the most powerful time in my life.

    Faaaaaaabulous post, my friend! Beautiful photo and quote!



  3. Wonderful thoughts to go with your photo. That sure looks cold and wintery. Our winter of 2011 wasn’t to bad here. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind comment on the loss of my mom’s dog, Rusty.


  4. Well done, your edit of the photograph is superb, and the quote matches the mood. Thank you for sharing, there is no day to post as I check through the week. Cheers


  5. Really like the quote more than the picture..ha..just/kidding. Actually the picture reminds me of a wonderful snow day where you can just stay inside warm, listen to the howling wind; know you’re safe, and read a good book. I’ll have to check out the Quotography. What a great idea.


  6. Sorry, didn’t finish. What I meant about liking the quote more than the picture is because I’m loving the warm Spring/Summer weather and the snow picture just reminded me of the cold, but it is a great picture. ~smiles~


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