Wearing the air at Water World Wednesday

summer rose WWW
Texture by Nancy Claeys, nc-0607, hard light

Wet is it NOT here today. Unless you consider wearing the air at 55% humidity, wet.  Yesterday and today’s temps are in the low 90sF (32C) with a heat index of 100F (38C).

The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases.
~Larry Wall

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9 thoughts on “Wearing the air at Water World Wednesday

  1. Hi Lisa, I appreciate the visit to my blog, so I am here to visit yours. When you live in the Eastern U.S. , it is always humid. I am so thankful for air conditioning.

    What a great line: “wearing the air” ! That is worth quoting.
    Quotations are one of my favorite forms of writing.

    The picture of the flower is beautiful.
    I am just learning a little bit about photography and how to use my Sony point and shoot.


  2. Lisa, that photo is just STUNNING! Love the ‘textured effect’ because it looks like a PAINTING!

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*

    And same here, today it was sooooooo hot. Well, not actually hot, but the humidity was so high that it felt hotter than what it was. I used to live in Florida, so I’m used to it. Yet, I don’t like it. And when you live in a city, the heat and humidity is magnified because of the all the cement and brick buildings. Oy vey!

    Stay cool, my friend!



  3. You’re photos are amazing – always! The humidity is always the thing I dread about the summer here. We live in an area with one of the ‘least pleasant’ climtaes in Italy – cold damp, foggy winters and hot humid summers – the damp is can kill your spirit (but not mine 🙂 and the humidity just kills my energy levels …..


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