The challenges of day to day living

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.
~Anton Chekhov

celmatis center

Summer is here. Today marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The spring rains have passed and temps are predicted to be hot, hot hot…with humidity so high one can wear the air.

And the air conditioning at home went out yesterday. Of course we didn’t discover this situation until I was getting ready to heat up the kitchen for dinner. Plan B….BBQ on the patio and add a cold salad and fruit. Thankfully, Entrepreneur and Peanut’s Daddy are resourceful men and found what part was causing the headache. And after an early-morning trip to a builder’s supply store at 7am, we avoided a service call that probably would have resulted in hundreds of dollars in expense. But it was a hot night…and I don’t mean that in a good way.

And this past Monday I arrived at work to discover the company website, which I built on a WordPress platform, had decided to implode. All, and I do mean ALL, the site’s plugins…you know, those little things that actually make the site functional….were missing from the site’s dashboard. So I spent The. Entire. Morning. at our Web hosting site restoring files  back to the first of the month.

And the pool we usually set up on the patio to relax in on hot, summer days has a problem with the salt-water pump. We switched to salt water a couple of years ago so we wouldn’t need to constantly adjust chemicals. Wellllllll….that pump has decided not to work this year. AND, the company doesn’t make that particular pump anymore. BUT, they are more than happy to sell us a NEW one. I heard Entrepreneur’s response to that phone call through the wall.

And….this morning, Peanut’s summer school put a note in her cubby announcing she had been exposed to conjunctivitis, more commonly known as Pink Eye.


I sincerely hope your Summer Solstice Friday is a cool, calm and healthy one.



6 thoughts on “The challenges of day to day living

  1. Don’t ya just love it, Lisa? Everything seems to happen at once. And speaking of air conditioner, I need to check and see if my wall unite A/C is working because all I need to have happen is to wait for a day when it’s 100 degrees out, and find that it’s broke 😦 So thanks for reminding me to check.

    Yup…I heard we’re also heading into some HOT, HOT temps. this upcoming week.

    Stay cool, my friend! And Happy Summer Solstice!

    “Any idiot can face a crisis — it’s day to day living that wears you out.
    ~Anton Chekhov”

    Loved that!


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