Don't mind me, I'm just braggin'

If you don’t want to see pics of the grand loves, today is would be a good day to move on to the next blog.

But….if you want to see some adorable cuteness, have I got a few photos for you today! 🙂

Peanut-BB 6-2013

Peanut’s brother is here from Alabama for part of the summer. She misses him terribly when he’s not with her. When they are together, they…well…they are siblings so you can fill in the blanks on that one! Let’s just say they have a love/hate relationship much of the time.


piratesBig brother is nine…going on ten. So far this summer, he’s learned how to ride a two-wheel bike, danced at a wedding (where we had to drag him off the dance floor), played in the pool and mounted a few water gun assaults.

He was a pirate for a week with Peanut at our church’s summer Kid’s Club…he was in the Orange Scallywag group to be exact. At the summer school program he’s been to parks, hiked trails, toured a goat farm, gone to ceramic class, and been fishing. More field trips are scheduled and will include roller skating, touring a dairy farm, watching a live K-9 obedience demo, and touring the local university athletic department! Whew, I’m tired just thinking about the schedule.


And you all know this one. Peanut, the pocket rocket, is four…going on fourteen. When her brother took off on his bike without assistance, she announced she was going to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels….but decided it was really, really hard. Also a pirate for a week, she was in the Preschool Graybeard group and learned to say Arrgggg with the best of ’em. Not shy with a water gun, she’s been on the offensive as well. Her school summer program isn’t as exciting, but she is bringing treasures from home for Show and Tell, Water Play two days a week, music class and lots of playground time. They’re even watching some Painted Lady butterflies emerge from their chrysalises in a cage in their room.

But, like I said, the dynamic between them verges on a love/hate relationship. As the little sister, Peanut want to do ev.ery.thing exactly like her brother, which I’m sure is more than a little irritating for him…which, in turn, infuriates her! From picking the same color gummy vitamins to having the same color popsicle to wanting to sit in the exact same chair….it’s sort of like having Pete and Re-Pete at our house this summer.

But there are times when they drop their defenses and we capture moments where it appears they like each other and can actually get along.

Peanut-JR reading

For now.


7 thoughts on “Don't mind me, I'm just braggin'

  1. Oh, what a sweet post, Lisa! I so enjoy when bloggers share photos of their kids and grandchildren. Kids ROCK!

    And yours are ADORABLE!!!!

    OMG….I LOVE the pirate photo of the two of them!

    And that last one? So PRECIOUS!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!

    Have a great day…..X


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