Dog Dayz

tanner 7-2013Textures by Kim Klassen: Urban, Multiply 80%
and Nancy Claeys: Toulouse, Soft Light 100%

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras

Tanner has his summer haircut again this year. Although it has month’s growth, he still looks a little goofy. But he does seems to own it. You might remember last year when we had him shaved for the first time. Well, this year he shares his kennel and yard with Peanut’s two furballs, Miss Peyton and Miss Dixie.

peyton dixie

And never let it be said that dogs don’t judge by appearances.

The summer morning began like any other. Three furballs in the yard. Temps already pushing 80F. Humidity so heavy one could wear the air. Tanner, always up for a ride, is told to jump in the back of the Vera Cruz. And he happily obliges. It really matters not where we’re going…we’re just going!

The other two are not happy. All they know is I’m taking away their playmate and not sure if he’ll ever return. That happens when you live in the moment like dogs tend to do.

Did they miss him? Did they wonder where he went? Did they look longingly at his empty bed and wonder if they’d ever see him again?

At the end of the day, Tanner returns…looking a little different than when he left. And smelling a bit different too after his spa day.

They growl at him through the kennel gate. Seriously, they took one look (whiff) and growled! Hey…wait a minute girls! I’m the same happy-go-lucky guy I was this morning. What gives?

It took the better part of the evening before they warmed back up to him and realized it really was Tanner and not some short-hair, nice-smelling impostor.

Guess dogs aren’t so different as we are when it comes to prejudicial treatment based on appearances.

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10 thoughts on “Dog Dayz

  1. Adorable post, Lisa! Love the look on the faces you captured of the two dogs!

    Tanner is such a handsome fella. I love those dogs – they’re so sweet.

    Hope you had a super Tuesday, my friend!


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