Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Over at A ‘Lil Hoohaa, PJ’s theme for her July photo challenge is Signs. I thought this would be a slam dunk. After all, we have signs, of one kind or another, all around us! So without further adieu, here is my interpretation of Signs in my little corner of the world.

Street Sign
If you’re not familiar with the concept of a round-about to supposedly ease traffic flow at an intersection, this is the sign alerting you to slow down so you don’t careen around the tight little circle on two wheels. For the life of me I don’t understand why it’s so hard to have a 4-way stop and yield to the person who was there first, but evidently that is a difficult concept. The decorative graffiti is just a bonus sign to showcase how stupid untalented some people are.

Now, enough of the obvious.

Signs of a struggle
oak leaf
This lacy leaf is evidence of an all-out assault. Bug against tree. My guess is it’s cicadas since they are in full throttle around here now. The leaf may have lost the battle, but I think the tree is winning the war.

Signs of life
signs life-dogs
Or, should this be NO signs of life? Taking advantage of the cooler-than-normal temps this summer, Tanner and Payton enjoy taking little naps together on the back patio…every day.

Signs of success
sign success-tomatoes
Remember when we were prepping the garden with visions of fresh summer veggies? Well, despite Mom Nature’s attempts to discourage our efforts with rain and cool temps this summer, we have a few things that are surviving. I wrote off this cherry tomato plant as dead about a month ago, but it rallied and Peanut may have bite-size tomatoes….by September?

Signs of affection
sign love-carved heart
When walking during a break in the action at work, I came across a “billboard tree.” You’ve seen them…trees that evidently beg to be carved with someone’s message to the world. I wonder if J.M. knows he/she is the object of someone’s affection.

Go this way to PJ’s to see more of our interpretations of Signs. The Linky thingy showing everyone’s contributions should be up by tomorrow, August 1st.


10 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

  1. I have to smile at the traffic easing (my own experience with “traffic calming” projects was, well… entertaining).

    But my, those tomatoes, the dogs, the sense of taking a few moments to unwind… Lovely. Signs that we should take a long, deep breath.


  2. We had a few things in our garden that we thought had died, but they also fought back and are in full bloom now. It’s been weird weather this year, but nature has a way of working with it at times.

    A nice selection of ‘signs’.


  3. Tanner and Payton enjoying life, eh?

    Unfortunately, we have lots of signs with the graffiti, but would have to travel some to see the yield for a round-about. I agree with your thoughts on that: relieve congestion? Ha, try mass confusion.


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