The corn is in

The corn is in.

Who would think four little words could totally derail the rest of the day.

Relax and leisurely read the Sunday paper? Not happening.

Trip to the mall? Forget about it.

Nap? LOL!

Play with genealogy photos and information? Not even a remote possibility.

Work on Peanut’s birthday invitation? Will have to wait.

The corn is in.

We got the call Saturday afternoon from our friends who farm just outside of town. They planted 12 rows of sweet corn to share with friends and family. And when I say rows, I mean 12 rows as long as a football field…each.

Let the picking parties begin.

We started at 10:30am Sunday morning. Entrepreneur, Peanut and her mama, and myself headed out to the country. Peanut’s daddy was called in to work so he missed out on the fun.

corn 2013 1

Forget the bags, just load it in the back of the SUV. We only picked two rows. And didn’t even pick every ear that was ready. By noon we were on our way home with the smell of sweet corn filling the inside of the car. Home, to where the real fun would begin.

corn 2013 2

After lunch, Entrepreneur and Peanut’s Mama set up shop in the garage to shuck and clean the ears. Peanut shucked and cleaned about 50 ears herself! Of course, sweet, juicy, drippy kernels had to be sampled to make sure they were edible.

Meanwhile, inside, I’d set up camp in the kitchen for cutting the kernels off the cob, blanching and putting into quart jars for freezing.

corn3 corn4

corn 2013 3

Peanut would drag sackfuls of ears into the house as they were ready.

I began this fun project at 2pm.

We all quit for dinner at  7pm. Peanut’s daddy BBQ’d chicken and, yes, we had fresh corn on the cob!

I said we quit at 7pm. I didn’t say we were finished. At the end of the day, the count stood at 21 dozen ears finished. Twenty four quarts finished. But I have two full grocery sacks to go.





7 thoughts on “The corn is in

  1. Several years ago someone gave me a wonderful tip that saved time…clean the corn but leave the husk in tack so that you can wrap it back over the ear of corn and freeze about four ears per gallon freezer ziplock. When you cook them, they are as fresh as just picked. I kid you not!


    • What? And miss out on all this fun? Not sure I’d have room in the freezer for 30 dozen ears of corn in their husks! 🙂 But I might try it for some of them next year.


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