Going confidently

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Texture by Kim Klassen: Confidence
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Go confidently in the directions of your dreams. ~Thoreau

Well, it’s finally here. Time for Peanut’s Daddy to become College Man! Earlier this year, life took a right turn and offered former Army Guy the opportunity to leave the military and pursue a college degree using his GI Bill. He’s chosen an aviation degree and his dreams took a step towards becoming a reality last Saturday when we loaded up the truck and trailer at 9am and moved him to the college town and into his own house.


As a non-traditional student, he’s (thankfully) not really college dorm material. So after assessing what the GI Bill would cover, they settled on a little one-bedroom bungalow just off campus. Peanut and her mama (The Investigator) will stay with us where she has a job (with benefits) and Peanut is going to preschool. But they will all see each other on the weekends, in one town or the other.


And this fits nicely with this week’s Quotography prompt of School.

The Investigator has outfitted him with all the necessary school supplies: pens, notebooks, folders, ramen noodles……Let’s just say, College Man is well-stocked to begin this new direction.

It’s been a while since I’ve been a part of the college move-in experience. But we made short work of the move-in and he was pretty much settled by 3pm.

A couple “before” shots:



And now, the big makeover reveal:

In case you caught it, the stove insert does not work, so it’s now an awesome tabletop delivery mechanism for more family photographs.


The bedroom assembly is a loft bed.IMG_2299

With not a lot of headroom!

But has a study desk underneath.

Add the finishing touches and it’s home!

The quote at the beginning of this post is actually a wall decal The Investigator put above his front door…a daily reminder to step confidently out of the house and go in the direction of his dreams.


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8 thoughts on “Going confidently

  1. what a marvelous motivator Investigator is! In our university town, there are apartments available for married students. I wish him well; as you know, I know first hand that it can be done.


  2. A BIG CONGRATS to College Man, Lisa!

    Woot! Woot!

    And I gotta tell ya, I’m am loving that little bungalow. It’s so cute! That’s my kind of living. I like things small and compact because it’s easier to take care of.

    The best to him!

    Happy Monday, my friend….X


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