Risk Assessment

Textures by Kim Klassen: Letgo 100% multiply
and Nancy Claeys: Deanna, soft light 100%

Yes! The sunflowers just keep on a comin’.

Today’s life lesson from nature is that every bud must bloom…even if opening those petals is outside its comfort zone; that no matter how tightly it tries to stay contained, the life force of nature simply won’t allow it to remain closed off from the rest of world for very long.

Comfort zones. We love them, don’t we? They’re safe. They’re familiar. They’re…..well, they’re comforting. We can put ourselves on auto pilot and just cruise along. No detours…no curve balls…no problems.

But there will come a day when the comfort zone becomes boring. Predictable. Unchallenging. And that’s our internal life force telling us we need to let go of the status quo, take a risk and bloom.

It could be a career change.
It could be a geographic change.
It could be an attitude change on how we’ve perceived something or someone all these years.

Whatever it is, there’s a good chance it’s going to cause anxiety. Depending on how upside-down the change is going to affect our world, will determine how eager we are to embrace it…or resist it.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Do we risk the embarrassment, difficulties or..¡gasp!…failure a new direction could cause? Do we pass on an opportunity because it’s too scary to think we could possibly do something different from the life we’ve always known? Is it better to cling tightly to the familiar instead of throwing the door wide open and embracing new possibilities?

When we’ve come to the end of our time on this earth, will we look back on our life and say, Yessireeeeee, I’m sooooo glad I didn’t take that risk.


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18 thoughts on “Risk Assessment

  1. “And that’s our internal life force telling us we need to let go of the status quo, take a risk and bloom.”

    Exactly, Lisa! And there have been times when I resisted the risk and it happened anyway, because that’s where life decided to take me.

    Faaaaaabulous reminder, my friend. Hope you’re having a terrific week!



  2. Good Morning!
    I found you while visiting Nancy -A Rural Journal (whom I might say I love!) Your post today resonates for me! I have read and reread it-“anxiety,” associated with risk can be overwhelming-perhaps nearly paralyzing-which my husband and I are being faced with as we prepare for a career change and move.
    One thing I can count on-I am your newest follower:)


  3. Normally after reading a life lesson like you’ve so beautifully written, I would have breathed a huge sigh and moved on, knowing I didn’t have enough of the courage it takes to actually act on it… But today I can smile because I’m finally acting on the things I’ve always wanted to do, little by little 🙂


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