Happiness can sometimes be an elusive creature

sick Peanut72
The best way to cheer yourself up is to try and cheer somebody else up.
~Mark Twain

Isn’t this one of the most pitiful photos you’ve seen lately? Last Wednesday, Peanut came home from school with a 101F degree fever. By bedtime, it was higher. Nana’s infirmary to the rescue! While working from home (and I use that phrase very, very loosely) on Thursday, her temp bounced back and forth between ibuprofen-induced normalcy and a 103F fever.

What does one do to make happy a four-year-old who doesn’t feel well? Curl up in a blanket, drink lots of apple juice and watch lots of TV, of course. And it was watching Sesame Street on PBS when we discovered the happiness of……online kids activities at pbs.org.

She thought she might want to check out the activities and it was like the heavens opened and a miracle happened in our house. So, between bouts ibuprofen and spiking temps, we settled into the office chair and worked our way through Thomas and Friends, The Dinosaur Train, The Berenstain Bears, Curious George and other characters, all ready to try and provide a little happiness to our little pocket rocket during her sick day.

And provide it did. Our 10-day free trial was a godsend. Of course, that meant Nana didn’t get much remote office work done that day. Peanut went to bed Thursday night with 102F fever so plans were shuffled so I could stay home with her again on Friday. And, again, PBS provided the much-needed entertainment as she began the recovery from whatever virus had attacked her system.

We have five days left in our free trial. And then it could get a little ugly.

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8 thoughts on “Happiness can sometimes be an elusive creature

  1. Aw…poor little Peanut šŸ˜¦

    Sending warm hugs and love….

    ((((((( Peanut )))))))

    Hope she feels better soon, Lisa!

    And you’re such a great Nana!



  2. I hope your sweet little Peanut is feeling much better. There is something particularly cruel about summer fevers, I think. That’s just entirely too much heat for one body to handle. Here’s to Elmo, Thomas, and terrific Nanas!


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