I have a first grader?

He’s six years old today. Roughly the age of a typical first grader.

tanner 7-2013


The funny thing is, both our daughters were also born on the 23rd day of their birth months. Weird, huh?

In many ways, he’s still just a pup. As a golden, he always has a goofy grin on his face. I swear he understands that when I put on my tennis shoes, there’s a good chance we’re going for a walk. That action usually results in him jumping around in circles doing a happy dance. I’ve had to actually hide my shoes in a bag and get in the car barefoot just so he doesn’t notice.

Tanner walk 1




This year he’s celebrating with two friends, Peyton and Dixie. And I’m sure they are having a party in the yard while their humans are at work.

Dixie Peyton Tanner

And we’ll probably top of the day with an extra long W-A-L-K. Who knows, I may let him hang out in the house an extra long time this evening.

tanner bed72

I really can’t top the post I wrote about him last year, so please skip on over to HERE for a recap of life with the the Tan-Man!

Happy Birthday Tanner! You adorable six-year-old pupper! You’ve come a long way.

Tanner pup

3 thoughts on “I have a first grader?

  1. Lisa, to me they are sweetest-looking dogs. In fact, I saw a woman walking her golden in the park yesterday and had to smile because the dog actually looked as though it was smiling at me and saying Hello!

    Great photos! Especially love the one of Tanner sleeping and his baby picture.

    He is soooooooooooo CUTE!!


    Woof! Woof!

    Have a great weekend, Lisa!


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