New Beginnings-Redux

Peanut first day preschool

The theme is our choice today over at My Whispering’s site for Quotography today. And today just happened to be the “official” First Day of Preschool for Peanut!

A few months ago she started spending her days at a local preschool while we all went to work. the school was beginning its summer program….which was a little more fast and loose with formal academic curriculum.

But today all that changes. No longer in “the 4’s” room, she is officially in Pre-Kindergaten…even though she will be five in just a couple of weeks. Our school district doesn’t test early for kindergarten and the cut-off was the end of July.

But she’s excited. Many of her “4s” classmates have moved up as well so it’s not completely  new. She already knows the teachers too.

And so begins her formal, academic education! It’s so important to start this process off on the right foot. I hope her teachers will continue to instill in her a curiosity to explore and learn about everything. To not just do rote memorization of letters and sounds, but really make them come alive in her mind through all of her senses.

Looking back on my education, I can still remember those teachers that took the time to really make learning fun. The ones who actually took the time to get to know me as a person instead of a student number. The ones who taught a little out of the box in order to imprint the information in my brain.

So anyway, here she is outfitted with a T-shirt made in the 4s classroom with everyone’s handprint on it. She has her Disney princess backpack…and for you Sophia the First fans…she is wearing her amulet necklace.

But, I honestly can’t believe she is going to Preschool already….how did this happen?

Peanut first day of school 2

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7 thoughts on “New Beginnings-Redux

  1. What a wise quote. One that every educator should take to heart.

    The teachers that made the most impact on my educational experience was a 5th grade teacher who read stories and brought them to life, or my 7th grade science teacher that showed how science works in the real world and then gave assignments to test those theories, or the Home Economics teacher that allowed me to design and create my own projects. There are the good teachers and the not so good teachers. We hope that our children and grandchildren get the good ones because it makes all the difference in the world!


  2. Lisa, that last photo of Peanut in her school attire is just too-too sweet!

    Love the hand-print shirt, the skirt, the socks, the shoes, the book bag, the necklace and the wonderful, happy smile on her face. You can tell she had a great day!

    The quote you shared in the first photo is truly awesome.

    “…but if you can teach him to learn by curiosity, he will continue the learning process for as long as he lives.”

    That’s it….curiosity.

    Please tell Peanut CONGRATS on her first day!

    Happy Monday, Lisa!


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