Photo Challenge: Summer

PJ over at A ‘lil Hoohaa chose Summer as August’s photo challenge theme.

photo blog challenge

And I want you to know I really had to search for summer shots. Really, NOT! I have gigabytes of photos to choose from since Peanut and her family are now at arm’s length! And I must agree with PJ, where did the summer go?

1. Summer began a little wet and cool. Peanut and her family spent Memorial Day fishing at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. She also spent time climbing the fences…in her rain boots. Check out the link for more fishy fun.

Peanut on fence

2. Peanut’s big brother came for a month’s visit and both grandbabykins went to our church’s Crossing Kids Club: Treasure Island. Dressing as pirates for the week, they had an awesome time learning about Jesus with 500+ other Jack Sparrow wanna-bes. You can watch the video mon­tage of it HERE. No, really, check it out…it was spectacular week. And check out the cutie in the pink ban­dana at 1:48.


3. Nothing says summer like a sunflower. The Investigator (aka Peanut’s Mama) planted some in our gardens and they provided endless photo opps.This is my only kid-free photo. A rare sighting, I know.


4. Water fights also say summer, and Peanut and her brother had some wicked ones in the backyard swingset fort. Definitely a great vantage point in which to ambush your attackers. Technically, this is two photos, but with a little PhotoShop magic…voila! One photo…per the rules.

water fight-fort

5. The summer has finally heated up this week with the heat index around 100F, and temps in the 90sF here in middle Missouri. Papa taught Peanut how to snorkel in preparation for our winter vacay to warmer climates. She seems to be a natural. We may have created a (sea) monster.

Peanut snorkle

Overall, this was a pretty easy challenge this month (thank you, PJ!!). Pop on over to PJ’s place to see what everyone else did during their summer vacation. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Lisa, what a FABU pictorial recap of your summer!!!

    ” And I must agree with PJ, where did the summer go?”

    I agree. And it’s funny because I’m really not a summer person, but I truly enjoyed this summer (and the last one as well), so it’s kinda sad to see it go so fast. However, I so look forward to fall and all the COLOR within nature. Also, the foods. I love fall food. So comforting.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, my friend! 🙂



  2. Lovely to have kids around and I am jealous of your sunflowers. I was given a sunflower shoot, as it’s one of my favourite flowers, and it died. We went out and bought another and it died!


  3. This is a great set of images and it really shows summer. Love the one in the pool. And the sunflower. Every year I say I am going to take some sunflower photos and never do. Great detail and color in your shot!


  4. Those photos make me long for the days when our boys weren’t self-conscious every time a camera comes in range. What a great set of carefree, childhood happiness! And the sunflower close-up is well done – I find it’s hard to get clear focus all the way through the field when photographing flowers.


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