How did we get here?

How did we get from this….

Mom-Genna portrait

to this?

Peanut  and Mama

Yesterday, Peanut turned five years old. F-I-V-E!!!!! Can you believe it?

Five years ago, my oldest and her husband gave Entrepreneur and I the gift of a grandchild. And it truly is a gift. Skipping past the labor and delivery stories, it’s a day I’ll never forget. A day when a squirmy bundle of love was placed in my arms and I became Nana.

She’s been so much a part of our lives since that day. When Daddy was deployed, she came to live with us at 5 months old with her Mama. They moved back to the base just before she was two. They’re temporarily back with us now while they pursue other opportunities outside of the military.

Peanut and daddy

And it seems to have flown by. Gone are the days when she was content to sit and……okay, I lied….she never was content just to sit. From the beginning, she’s been an inquisitive child, full of curiosity and determination…determination being the operative word for FIVE.

The past year has been full of firsts and transitions. Getting used to Mama working and Daddy going to school, she’s had her own opportunity to test out that school-thing. She’s made friends and is learning about relationships outside of family. She even has a (*ahem*) BF….but we’re not going to tell Daddy. 😉

All week, we morphed the house into a Candy Land party to celebrate FIVE. (now you know why I haven’t been around lately) On Saturday, as her first friends made their way down the path through the Lollypop Woods, they spent the next two hours around more sugar than a person should be exposed to in one day. And then, we sent them home. (Bwhahahahah)

Peanut candyland 1

Peanut candyland 2

FIVE will probably be a big year. Gone are the Baby Days, and the Toddler Days are over and done with. Now we move into the Year of the Preschooler, and then it’ll seem like a dead run to High School Graduation.

FIVE will come with it’s own set of challenges. Did I mention she was a determined little girl? I don’t refer to her as our Pocket Rocket for no reason. We will be challenged to find a balance between enforcing boundaries without crushing her spirit; how to handle those overwhelming emotions without losing control…and hopefully she will learn that as well!

Peanut candyland 3

Peanut, my love, you are a blessing and I can’t imagine life without you. And when our days become difficult and challenging, my mantra will be:

A bad day with you is always better than one day without you. 

Happy Birth Day to Mama, Daddy and Peanut!

3 thoughts on “How did we get here?


    Second, Lisa, this post just warmed my heart and put a HUGE smile on my face!

    I adore children with all my heart. In fact, I would rather hang out with kids than people my own age because they remind me so much of what life is all about – curiosity, openness, and never forgetting to have FUN!

    Faaaaaaabulous photos! I especially love the first one of mother and child, and the one of father and child.

    “She even has a (*ahem*) BF.…but we’re not going to tell Daddy.”

    HA! OMG…how cute is that!

    The final shot of Peanut and the expression on her face says it all.

    She is a very loved and happy little girl – you can see that.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great event, Lisa! Thoroughly enjoyed!


    P.S. Love the balloons and the colorful walkway!


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