Surprise visit begins a week of catching up

She sneaked in the back way to surprise him.

Floridian Honor Flight 1

It was a continuation of the 24th Mid Missouri Honor Flight event. A family reception last Sunday provided all Honor Flight attendants an opportunity to further commemorate their special day. Our Veteran is of the Air Force persuasion and served in the Korean War. Of course his wife, Entrepreneur and I were there, along with Peanut and her parents, as well as two other sons and more grand- and great-grand children. It was a very full table.

While she waited in the hallway, he did what he does best….socialize. Seriously, the man has never met a stranger. He will strike up a conversation with someone random and know intricate details about their life before it’s all said and done.

Despite our best efforts, we simply couldn’t corral him to his seat. He insisted on milling around, talking with He became friends with the other veterans on the flight and wild horses were not going to make him…sit down. Until the music played to begin the program.

And he never saw it coming.

Floridian Honor Flight 2

Surprise Grandpa!!!

Floridian Honor Flight 3

A granddaughter he hasn’t seen for more than a year! I thought he was going to cry.

Floridian Honor Flight 4

One of her missions this week is to trade in her Honda Accord on a newer mode of transportation. And it’s time, don’t ya think, with 198,000 miles on it.

Now, she’s settled into her old room and is busy catching up with friends from a lifetime ago. And there are soooooo many people to see and sooooooooo little time in which to see them. She, like her grandpa, is a social butterfly. Guess it’s in her DNA, so she definitely get it honestly. Her first stop on the way home was in St. Louis to see college buddies and attend a wedding. Now that she’s in town, we’re really not sure where we rank in the hierarchy of time, but we’re hoping to catch a few moments of quality family time this week without her entourage. 🙂

Peanut has become attached to her side. They’re having “sleepovers.” She must sit beside her at the dinner table. And they hope to go shopping for a birthday present before she leaves.

I’ve written a lot about Peanut and her family lately, but now it’s The Floridian’s turn to have my attention.

My baby is home!

6 thoughts on “Surprise visit begins a week of catching up

  1. *smiling again*

    Oh Lisa, what a faaaaabulous post! You know, I can always feel the emotions you convey in your posts so clearly – through your words and photos.

    Love the progression of the photos leading to the big SURPRISE!!!!

    And may say, your daughter is just beautiful!

    “He will strike up a con­ver­sa­tion with someone random and know intri­cate details about their life before it’s all said and done.”

    HA! You father sounds like me, I can talk to anyone. That’s why I don’t mind traveling alone because I always meet people.

    Wonderful post, my friend! Enjoy your baby being home!!!!



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