I may have found her

Last week I was lamenting that my muse has been missing for a while. I’ve been positively uninspired. I blame to much left-brain activity at work. I know…..excuses, excuses, excuses.

Cheryl, Ron and BLW offered  their wisdom and kind words of encouragement, and I thank you for them. They were lovely.

Some of you thought you’d seen her. New York Erratic thought she saw her walking down a sun-dappled path on an Autumn day. Kathryn thinks hers and mine are off galavanting somewhere on a Midwest Autumn tour.

But I think she paid me a brief a visit a few days ago.

cumulus cloud muse

While driving home, something prompted me to take my eyes off the road and look up into the sky. There in front of me was THE most awesome cumulus cloud. Just hanging out in the blue sky with the setting sun tipping the edges with shimmery sunlight. A small gift from the heavens to lift my spirits.

And then she told me to get busy and clean the house.

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9 thoughts on “I may have found her

  1. ” A small gift from the heavens to lift my spirits.”


    Oh, how BEAUTIFUL, Lisa! And it’s ironic you posted this stunning photo of the clouds because I adore clouds. They remind me of big, fluffy balls of cotton. And whenever I see light shining through them, I always think its God, saying, “Hello!”

    “And then she told me to get busy and clean the house.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cracked me up!

    Lovely post, my friend. Have a beautiful day!



  2. Ahahahahaha! Looks like the right muse but sure doesn’t sound like the right muse! Clean the house? It’s fall, not spring. Once a year is all I’ve got in me otherwise I break a bone.


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