September Photo Challenge: Outdoor

photo blog challenge

PJ came up with OUTDOOR as the theme for September’s photo challenge. And I’m thankful this isn’t going to be February’s theme. 🙂

I won’t be needing this in February. “Outdoor” could also be considered “outside” and that is exactly what we wanted with this electrified fencing around the garden…for critters to stay out of the “doors” to that area.

electric fence

Saw this little disconnect while walking over my lunch break. Remnants of some outdoor entertainment that one may or may not want to remember?

Jose Cuervo

This stunning creature is a lunar moth; or a moon moth as Peanut calls them. I don’t see very many of these moths in the out of doors anymore so when a live one presents itself, of course I must to stop and get a closer look.

luna moth

This nest was outdoors, but now it’s indoors…waiting to be incorporated into some kind of wreath…in my spare time. Until then, it’s hanging out inside the cabinet.


Walking over lunch to a close-by park made me want to just bring a book and stay for the afternoon. Alas, couldn’t stay outdoors so I reluctantly headed back to the office.

park bench

Head on over to A ‘lil Hoohaa to see what the other outdoors-men and -women have to show for their month’s efforts.

18 thoughts on “September Photo Challenge: Outdoor

  1. Those are great photos, Lisa. I particularly like the half bottle of hooch. Wait a minute. Somebody left a half bottle of hooch leaning against a tree? What a waste.

    That moth is pretty cool. Nice close-up.


  2. I like these shots! The moth is really wild. Great detail. And the Jose … well, I can’t believe somebody left that much behind. Good closeup on the fence, too.


  3. ” Remnants of some out­door enter­tain­ment that one may or may not want to remember?”

    HAHAHAHHAAHA! Lisa, that CRACKED ME UP! And from the looks of it, the entertainment only required HALF the bottle!

    Beautiful captures! The photo of the moth is spectacular. WOW! The wings look as though they were painted on. Isn’t nature amazing?

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Have a terrific Tuesday!



  4. Wow, the lunar moth is incredible. We definitely don’t get those in Montreal. Great photos. The tequila bottle was a lucky find, and an unlucky loss for whoever might have forgotten it. Love the park bench shot as well.


  5. How incredibly fortunate you are to be able to see lunar moths! I’ve got more than a touch of jealousy going on right now but it’s offset by the knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the summer weather you endure to see some of nature’s most beautiful gifts.


  6. I enjoyed the little blurbs you wrote for each of your photos. The moon moth photo is my introduction to that particular variety of moth, as it was for a few others. Before I forget, I have to ask whether the electrified fencing actually works – we have a recurring deer in the backyard eating things problem!

    Finally, I am in the same camp as a few others. The photo from behind the bench near the lake is my absolute favourite. It really gets the imagination going. When I saw it, I thought to myself “What a great idea! I wonder how I can train my brain to come up with that kind of idea?” Well done!


  7. Excellent photo of the moth. We don’t grow them that large out here. It’s interesting to note that someone would leave that much alcohol in that bottle. Unless, that wasn’t actually alcohol anymore. .


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