You can take the girl out of the Midwest but…….

Three years ago, after her college graduation, my baby moved 17 hours away to Florida. After graduating, the only goal she had was living in the Sunshine State. When asked about an employment contingency plan, she told me not to rain on her parade. Nice.

Since then, she’s assimilated into the Floridian lifestyle. But make no mistake, she’s still Midwest at heart. 🙂

Her trip home a few weeks ago was planned around the quest for a newer means of transportation. Piling into her 198,000 mile Honda Accord (that she’s had since high school), she made the trek to Middle Missouri. The land of Parent Connections.

Floridian arrival

She arrived in time to surprise her grandpa at his Honor Flight Family Reception.

Floridian Honor Flight 3

And then began a whirlwind tour to meet up with as many old friends and family as she could possibly squeeze into 5 days. Oh yeah, and find a newer car.

She’s my social butterfly. Friends from high school and college? It’s as if they were never parted. Grandparents couldn’t get enough of her. In the end, there simply wasn’t enough of her to go around.

JC grands KC grands

And her goddaughter, Peanut, tried to attach herself to her hip at every opportunity.


Peanut has other aunts and uncles, but none that rank as high as her godmom.

And then there are her “guy” cousins. They stalk her…and have since they were old enough to have cell phones…wanting to know where she is. Now, one is a bull-rider and demanded she attend a local rodeo to watch his extreme sport before leaving town. They’re also very protective of her (can you tell?) even though she’s 5-6 years older than they are. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with them if she was threatened.


Yes, these are my girls. My reason for living. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when they were all in the same place at the same time….even if it was short-lived.


The newer means of transportation?

Success! The Honda Accord with 198,000 miles went down the road and in its place is a sporty Nissan Pathfinder. She wears it well.

Floridian new car

We won’t see her again until our annual winter escape. Until then, even though it seems she’s a million miles away, she’s always at home in our hearts.


9 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of the Midwest but…….

  1. Love, love, love the pictures – and all the family smiles! (It is very sweet to have one’s precious children back home when they’re usually away.)

    And the new car looks great!



  2. Lisa, what faaaaaaaaabulous photos!

    Your daughter is SO beautiful! She looks just like YOU!

    Love the photo of she and Peanut. ADORABLE capture!

    And it’s funny because I too moved to Florida (for 20 years) and really got into the lifestyle there, and never thought I would ever move back to the north east. But when I turned 45, I started to miss my roots and moved back. There is something to be said for where we are born and how it always remains in our heart. I will always be a north easterner.

    Thanks for sharing this post, my friend. Enjoyed!



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