Defects in the road that can cause damage

Does life ever seem like this?

Mont pothole 1

Or this?

Mont pothole 2

Yeah, mine too. You’re driving along and all of a sudden…BAM…What was THAT?

You know what they are. Potholes. Potholes big enough in which to lose a small child.

Ruts. Holes. Defects in the road that can cause damage.

This was a street in the neighborhood behind Peanut’s school…on a good day. On a bad day, there were cars parked along the sides and it was impossible to navigate the street without dropping a tire into one of these craters and rocking the car back and forth.

And I got to thinking that, metaphorically, that’s life, isn’t it?

Ruts. Holes. Defects in the road that can cause damage.

Potholes in our lives come in many forms. Like their counterparts under our tires, some are shallow and small while others are deep and wide. For some of us, the potholes are physical. Chronic pain; a debilitating disease; the unexpected diagnosis. Some of us experience the emotional or psychological potholes of grief, fear, anger, hopelessness, depression or guilt. And let’s not forget the potholes caused by outside factors….misunderstandings; conflict; abuse; financial issues; loss of a loved one.

All these things have the potential to derail our plan for a smooth ride through life. Doesn’t it seem like the road to happiness is always under construction? When we drop into these holes (and we all inevitably do), it rocks our world. Structural damage and alignment problems can occur. Sometimes we try and patch the holes…temporary fixes that diverts our attention from the underlying problems. But, with wear and tear, they return…sometimes bigger, deeper and wider than before.

Mont repave

Like the above street, the only way to permanently fix those potholes is to completely dig up the road and repave it. Busting up and removing the eroding material helps pave the way for a smoother ride in the future.

We get our structural damage fixed. We get our alignment straightened out.

However, in the meantime, we must deal with those pesky detours. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Defects in the road that can cause damage

  1. You are so on with this! While we may grow stronger in some ways with these potholes in our lives, we wear a bit too and can only hope the alignment works. Those “pesky detours”!


  2. Great post! This year we have sunk in some big potholes. I’m hopeful that we’re on a smoother road now. You’re right, though — we can’t know when we’ll come upon them. Our faith that God has us safe in his hands is carrying us along.


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