Super Hero Peanutism

peanut super hero

I simply must share the latest Peanutism with you all. It came a few days ago, completely out of the blue while we were hanging out on the patio.

We are a family superheroes.

Mama is Wonder Woman
Daddy is The Hulk
Papa is Spiderman
I’m Batgirl

And Peanut is Super Princess Kitty Spy.

We’re going after Jafar (the bad guy in Aladdin).

We. Are. Awesome.

Just thought you’d like to know who you’re dealing with.


5 thoughts on “Super Hero Peanutism

  1. Oh Lisa…how faaaaaaaulous is that!

    “We. Are. Awesome.”

    You SURE are!

    And the expression on Peanut’s face is PRICELESS!

    Hope you had a SUPER Saturday!



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