Autumn Simplicity

Autumn simplicity
Texture by Kim Klassen: Lola at 100% soft light

Simplicity is the glory of expression.
~Walt Whitman

Why do we tend to make things more complicated than they need be? We multi-task, not really doing anything to the best of our abilities. We rush from appointment to appointment, never taking time to fully engage since we’re probably always thinking about our schedule. We incessantly monitor our social media profiles…sometimes even when we should be giving our undivided attention to something or someone else.

Clutter. It invades every aspect of our lives….physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple,
and the simple thing is the right thing.
~Oscar Wilde

But, how do we know what is necessary and unnecessary in all those categories? Clutter ambushes all our senses. It overloads our ability to think, blurring the lines of what’s really important and what isn’t. It make us feel out of control and anxious. It’s almost impossible to feel at peace in the clutter of a disorderly life.

We tend to define our worth by our possessions, our status, our “busy-ness.” When, in reality, we should define our worth by our relationships and the quality of our character. These are the only things truly worth our time and energy.

Taking less time maintaining the unnecessary things in our lives, physically and psychologically, will free us up to focus on what really matters to us, before it’s too late. And Autumn seems to always be that season where we feel the stirrings of our mortality most strongly; the warmth of life before the arrival of the cold, dark days of winter.

So maybe it’s not Spring Cleaning we need to do, but more of an Autumn Cleansing of the junk in our lives we’ve accumulated all year long. A cleansing to simplify life so we are better able to enjoy it…in every aspect.

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20 thoughts on “Autumn Simplicity

  1. What an AWESOME post, Lisa, so full of inspiration and insight!

    You are so right about clutter, both physically and emotionally, because it does ambush our senses; preventing us from living in the moment and enjoying the moment.

    Loved this….

    “…but more of an Autumn Cleansing of the junk in our lives we’ve accu­mu­lated all year long. A cleansing to sim­plify life so we are better able to enjoy it…in every aspect.”

    How true. And this is why I love autumn, because it causes me to slow down and become reflective.

    Lovely photo to go with this post!

    Have super week, my friend!


  2. I love everything about this post. Autumn savors and lingers and showy blooms have faded, brilliant greens have mellowed to browns and plums and we can learn from that. It’s simply, raw beauty.


  3. The photograph is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the quote!

    How true! It is sometimes difficult to prioritize, to climb out from under everything and breathe…to just be. I have to admit that my worst distraction is my blog.

    You couldn’t have said anything more profound – there is nothing more important than the value of relationships over some false idea of status and how much stuff we have.

    I have really missed Quotography during our move the past two months – this week I have a funeral, which means I will be out of town, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate.


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