Adding February to my bracelet

I’ve always liked the color purple. And in February, I’ll be adding this color to my memory bracelet.


Why, you may ask?

Because that’s when Peanut becomes a big sister!

February’s birthstone is amethyst. According to tradition, the amethyst symbolizes stability, peace, balance, courage, inner strength and a calm disposition. Perfect. We can use all of those traits in our house. And I’ve always loved violets, the birth flower for February…although unlike my grandma and mom, I can’t seem to successfully grow an African Violet to save my soul.

Only recently did The Investigator and College Man decide to announce their news. Many of you know why they waited so long. Now that she’s well into her second trimester, they can’t really hide the inevitable anymore. And, it was becoming ridiculously difficult to edit photos of her to share online.

Twix family

They nicknamed the baby Twix. Unusual, I know. But back in June when they found out, the doc said it was the size of a fun-size candy bar. And Snickers, Almond Joy and Kit Kat just didn’t sound right. So Twix it is!

Peanut and Twix. Hmmmmmm………We’ll see how this plays out.

Their last appointment was a family affair, bringing Peanut along for the big ultrasound reveal and….drum roll please…’s a girl!  Yay! More estrogen in the house! Peanut is thrilled. She told the technician she didn’t want a baby brother. And Entrepreneur is panic-stricken sooooo excited as well. 🙂 He already feels outnumbered (which is why we have a male dog).

So, Baby Girl Twix is suppose to make her debut around February 24th. The Investigator is excited to be preggers during the colder Midwest months. With Peanut, she endured her third trimester during the sweltering Alabama summer heat and I’m sure that was not very comfortable. Sooooo….unlike past years, we’re absolutely NOT praying for any major “snow events” this winter. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the Farmer’s Almanac won’t be spot-on accurate this year.

As wonderful as this news is, unfortunately there’s a down side. Being seven and a half months preggers in early January means she won’t be traveling with us on our winter escape to the sunny shores of St. Somewhere. Sad, I know. But we really don’t need to test the neonatal capabilities of a third-world health care system. Or the bureaucracy of getting an infant passport to return to the states. 😦

But once we return, it’ll be an all out race to the due date! I’m thrilled to be part of this baby’s birth like I was when Peanut arrived. And having a new grandbabykin under our roof is an exciting thought.

Congratulations to The Investigator, College Man, Big Brother JR and Big (and Little) Sis Peanut!

8 thoughts on “Adding February to my bracelet

  1. A HUGE congrats to both you, your daughter and family, Lisa!

    What faaaaaaaaabulous news!

    And I loved this….

    “. But back in June when they found out, the doc said it was the size of a fun-size candy bar. And Snickers, Almond Joy and Kit Kat just didn’t sound right. So Twix it is!”

    OMG…that is so CUTE!

    Great photo of your daughter, her husband and Peanut!

    Also, I love your bracelet!

    Happy Wednesday, my friend….X


  2. What an adorable, adorable little family and many, many congratulations to you and them! I’m over here sending intentions already for a mild February and just know you’ll soon be enjoying a pixie like twix! Is there anything so delightful as being a grandmother? I don’t think so.

    Lucky you to have them close.

    I had to smile because I have a Pandora bracelet too that my kids have given me many charms for, individual to their births, etc. – and I like that you call it a memory bracelet. I want to add a few for my granddaughters and one grandson (2 months old) in their birthstone colors – what a great idea! Rather than the stroller charm with a blue or pink for their sex.

    BTW – my oldest daughter is pregnant with twins – a girl and a boy – due next month. I can’t wait.


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