Friday Finds at the pumpkin festival

Well, last Sunday we went to a pumpkin festival and all I found for Friday Finds was a little Peanut!

peanut pumpkin 2
Texture by Kim Klassen; Little Things, 60% Multiply

She was soooooo workin’ the pumpkin backdrops for these photos…which was surprising since she was coming down with a monster bronchial cold that knocked her out of most of the week at preschool.

But, I couldn’t get enough of her that day in the glorious colors of the season.

peanut pumpkin 1

peanut pumpkin 3

The first time she went to the festival, she was about 13 months old.

peanut pumpkin 5

And just look at her now! Time certainly flies……

peanut pumpkin 4

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6 thoughts on “Friday Finds at the pumpkin festival

  1. Okay Lisa, these are some ADORABLE photos of Peanut!

    Totally put a smile on my face because I actually FEEL like a kid whenever I go to a pumpkin patch in Autumn! Pumpkins are such happy-looking things, aren’t they?

    Love the photo of Peanut when she was 13 months old. Man, do kids grow up fast, hu?

    Have a super weekend, my friend!



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