Friday Find at the office

Peanut has been coming to the office with us before and after preschool. She has adopted one lady in the office, Miss Dixie, as another grandparent and “works” with her while she’s here. Work usually entails cutting up old calendars, magazines and cards and gluing them in collages. Miss Dixie even went out and bought new markers and colored pencils for her to use.

And earlier this week, Peanut showed up to find her very own work station! Boy, does she think she’s super important now.

Peanut work
Texture by Kim Klassen; Providence 100% multiply


And this is the result of her efforts.

art wall

I’m going to need a larger office with more wall space if this keeps up.

Linking up with Kim’s Friday Finds because sometimes, in the middle of the most mundane days, you discover the most precious memories right under your nose.
Friday Finds



10 thoughts on “Friday Find at the office

  1. Oh my is this just adorable! Love that Miss Dixie has overseen her work station and supplied her with all the tools and fun things. Love that “Peanut” is really concentrating and making beautiful art for you to decorate with! Awesome!


  2. Lisa, that photo of Peanut sitting at her work station is so PRECIOUS because she looks so intent and focused.

    And I love the results of her efforts! How creative she is!

    You GO, Peanut!

    Have a fantabulous weekend, my friend!



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