The hits just keep on coming

yellow maples
Textures by Kim Klassen; Sunkissed 100% soft light and  Oh My at 50% Overlay

Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time
to sit still and watch the leaves turn.
~Elizabeth Lawrence

 That’s my story for not getting anything done and I’m stickin’ with it.

Kaylene has decided to stick with Quotography, but has put a little spin on the photo challenge. Now, a month-long photo opp, we’ll have a theme and can post as often as the muse moves us. This month’s theme is, appropriately, Remembrance and Thankfulness.

And I’m thankful I have stop-dead-in-your-tracks distractions like the scene above. Distractions that move the weariness of life to the back of my mind and encourage me to focus on the the beautiful things around me. Check out how my muse distracted me HERE.

And like so many of life’s beautiful things, they’re fleeting, so we must pay attention when the opportunity presents itself. Don’t take anything for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

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22 thoughts on “The hits just keep on coming

  1. “And like so many of life’s beau­tiful things, they’re fleeting, so we must pay atten­tion when the oppor­tu­nity presents itself. Don’t take any­thing for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.’

    Lisa, I love the way you said that because it’s so true!

    Also, I love the quote you shared today, along with the stunning photo! Perfect!

    Have a beautiful Monday and week, my friend!



  2. That is definitely a stop-dead-in-your-tracks scene! So glad you shared it with us. There is so much beauty around us right now but yet we never tire of it … and that’s a grand thing. Great quote, too, and I’ve already added it to my quote doc.


  3. I cannot stop capturing all the beauty that autumn has rained down on us lucky people. I see you are enjoying it too. stunning photo! I love walking in the leaves too.


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