Stand back! She hit the mother load!

My muse kept pushing forcing nudging me to pay attention to her on the way to a recent appointment. With a hundred things racing through mind, she insisted I take my eyes off the road and look at the spectacular scenery that I was passing by.

So I did. Thankfully, no one was behind me when I stopped the car in the middle of the street to take this shot.

Forum Blvd

Thinking she was satisfied, I continued to my appointment. But no, when it comes to Autumn, she is insatiable.

What about the park? You remember the park, don’t you? I’m sure there are stunning trees in the park this year. Wanna go to the park with me? It’s close to your appointment.

Yes, I remember the park. But, I really don’t have time today.

Oh c’mon. If not today, when? Exactly WHEN are you going to enjoy the season? You know, all this color will be gone in a week or so.

Yes, I know. But there’s so much to do.

There’s always a lot to do. It’ll only take a few minutes. Just drive through with me. Puleeeeze!

Oh, alright. After my appointment. Just for a few minutes.

Uh huh. Just a few minutes.

So I finished my appointment and was just going to quickly swing through the park on the way back to the office.

Twenty-five minutes later…….

Fall 2013 2

Fall 2013 3 fall 2013 4 Fall 2013 1 Fall 2013 7 fall 2013 5 Fall 2013 6  Fall 2013 8

And then there was this little jewel hiding under a bush. To the untrained eye, it appears to be lovely Autumn foliage. It is lovely and it is Autumn foliage…but I know better. Do you know what it is?

Fall 2013 9

If you guessed poison ivy, you would be correct. I know from extensive experience.

But the most stunning scene was on my way out of the park at the driveway exit. I looked left and then right…and then…..WHOA!

This shot is the one I used in yesterday’s post.

Fall 2013 10

I was beginning to think our Autumn here in middle Missouri would be quite the disappointment this year. I’d lost interest in the dull, muted shades that looked like they were already past peak. And then, in the span of just two days, color literally exploded into the air. New England has nuthin’ on us this year.

I have to say, my muse really came through for me. I wonder what she has in store when the snow flies?! 😉

See, I told you. You should trust me more. I only have your best interest in mind.

6 thoughts on “Stand back! She hit the mother load!

  1. Lisa, I am so glad you listened to your muse and stopped by the park because these photos are STUNNING. WOW! The colors are magnificent!

    Within the past few days, the temperature has dropped considerably here in PA, so I hoping that it jump starts the trees to change color 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!



  2. The leaves are spectacular. And of course, even a small dose of nature reminds us how small we are (an important lesson), and that these moments to take a breath are essential.

    12 hours into my workday yesterday (I started well before daybreak), I closed down everything, but on my sneakers, and walked. Just 20 minutes, but I saw the pretty colors of the leaves, breathed in the air, and snapped a quick picture on my phone of some wild roses, still in bloom. Good moments.

    And I came back through the door more able to pick up where I left off and keep working.



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