Unexpected blessings

I posted this last year for my daughter and her husband’s anniversary. I can’t really say it any better this year. So here it is again for their five year anniversary….with a few minor tweaks and updates.

Their anniversary was technically yesterday, but what’s a day or two on either side, right?


Second Chances

First mar­riages are hard enough, but I have a hunch second mar­riages may be harder. We go into first mar­riages all doe-eyed and full of fairy­tale end­ings. No one tells us the chal­lenges we’re going to face with this other person. Sometimes it works, and some­times it doesn’t. That’s life.

But some­times, whether it’s by divorce and death, people find them­selves making the deci­sion to marry again. But this time it’s dif­ferent. This time there’s bag­gage. A matched set brought by both. Emotional, sit­u­a­tional, psy­cho­log­ical. But for what­ever reason, the two decide it’s worth the risk.

We’re for­tu­nate to find love once in our life. To find it twice is an unex­pected blessing.

And to that I say, Happy Anniversary to the Investigator and College Guy!

You’ve weath­ered more storms in the few short years you’ve been mar­ried than some people do in 20 years. And you’ve shown that mar­riage is much more than just sen­ti­mental, doe-eyed love. It’s a will­ing­ness to work hard and a deter­mi­na­tion to make it through the tough times. Not very romantic, I know. But with a will­ing­ness to give and accept grace and for­give­ness, you’ve emerged stronger and more resilient.

The advice I give you is to not expect mir­a­cles from mere mor­tals. We’re human and will fail each other from time to time. Don’t put each other on pedestals because many a mar­riage will fail because of unre­al­istic expec­ta­tions. Successful mar­riages leave the fairy­tales for bed­time sto­ries and realize that patience, under­standing and open com­mu­ni­ca­tion is the best way to deepen your love and com­mit­ment to each other. Oh yeah…and most impor­tantly, a healthy dose of grace, for­give­ness and daily prayer.

So today I wish for you a firm foun­da­tion on which to con­tinue to build your life together. One of common values and respect for one another. You’ve weath­ered many storms these past few years. My prayer is that, while these storms make you muddy for a while, they will help you grow deeper roots and the rain will con­tinue to help you grow.

As you expand your family, it’s my hope and prayer you will provide a loving, stable sanctuary in which your children (my grandbabykins) can grow into all they are destined to be. And always know we’re there to offer help and guidance in any way possible.

peanut family 2013

Twix family

Be com­pletely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.
~Ephesians 4:2–3








5 thoughts on “Unexpected blessings

  1. Lisa, what a beautifully expressed post!

    I loved this…

    “The advice I give you is to not expect mir­a­cles from mere mor­tals. We’re human and will fail each other from time to time. Don’t put each other on pedestals because many a mar­riage will fail because of unre­al­istic expec­ta­tions.

    How true that is! And not only with marriage, but family and friendships as well.

    Your daughter and her husband make a lovely couple. You can actually feel their love for each other in the photos.




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