The unimaginable has happened

We sent her off in style at the end of summer, 2010.

After graduating college, our youngest daughter announced she was going to move 18 hours away because she wanted to live in the Sunshine State. Independent and determined, you all know her as The Floridian.

Floridian arrival

Well the Floridian may need a new name because……………….

She’s on her way back to the Midwest! It’s hard to comprehend on many levels, but in a few days, our youngest will be home again. Literally……home again…..under our roof…..back in her old room….A temporary living situation until she can get re-established and on her feet again. She joins Peanut and her family as they work towards a new future as well. In the meantime, all my chicks will be back under one roof.


She has a loosely-formed plan. As the only an LPGA teaching pro in the area, she plans to make contacts with area golf courses and school teams for private lesson contracts. The grand plan is to open her own teaching facility at some point down the road. At which time, Entrepreneur may just retire from his current job and go to work for her. 🙂


Will this coastal soul remain landlocked? I have no idea, and I’m not sure she does either. It reinforces the fact that we really never know what twists and turns we’ll encounter as we choose the paths in our lives.

But she’s never really shied away from the unknown. After high school, she accepted a golf scholarship at a university in another city where she didn’t know anyone.

After high school, she moved to Florida only knowing one former golf teammate. They ended up parting company and she was once again on her own. But she’s my social butterfly and no stranger to assimilating into whatever environment she happens to be a part of at the moment. Part social butterfly, part chameleon.

With this turn of events, her future is anything but a guarantee. Her dreams and aspirations are high. Failure really isn’t in her vocabulary. If you don’t believe me, check out this post, HERE.

She’s older now and hopefully a little wiser than when she left back in 2010. I guess you really can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.


I think we’ll just call her The Golfer from now on, regardless of where she hangs her hat stores her clubs.

Welcome Home!



6 thoughts on “The unimaginable has happened

  1. Oh, Lisa, what a thrill! I can’t imagine how excited you must be. I recently moved back “home” (well, not literally, but two towns away) after many years out of state and I couldn’t be happier. I hope the Floridian…uh, the Golfer…finds the same peace and contentment. xo


  2. AWESOME news, Lisa! And I bet you are soooooo happy!

    As you know I also lived in Florida (for 20 years), and like you’re daughter, moved back east 12 years ago and am so glad I did. It’s like you said, you can’t get away from your roots.

    “Her dreams and aspi­ra­tions are high. Failure really isn’t in her vocab­u­lary.”

    Good for her! She’s gonna do great, I can tell!

    You GO, girl!



  3. I’m so happy for you! What good fortune to have the family returning to the roost! I can only imagine how lovely it will be to have The (Former) Floridian back home. (I’m looking forward to my young ones returning at the holidays…)



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