Friday Finds and a bit of randomness

orange maple
Texture by Kim Klassen: 1010, 100% multiply with layer mask

I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, not the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and its content.
~Lin Yutang

Friday FindsKim’s wish for today’s Friday Finds is to cherish life’s simple pleasures……

And I believe November is the perfect month to do just that. Gone are the distractions of the summer; the back-t0-school rush is finished; Halloween is a distant memory. Late Autumn seems to be a time that encourages us to slow down, look around and really embrace the sights, sounds and scents unique to this season.

I’m trying hard to relish the time before the Christmas crazies begin. But it’s so easy for my mind to become crammed with other things I think need my attention. I used to post writings titled Five Good Things….but then life events turned up-side-down and it became impossibly hard to find one good thing, let alone five. So I did what anyone would do….I stopped looking. And then found myself in a vicious cycle.

random 5So, coupled with today’s Friday Find, I am including a few things for Nancy’s Random 5 Friday. I’ve realized I need these kinds of prompts to keep me from total insanity. My plan is to find a few simple pleasures and focus on them.

So here’s my Random 5:

1. Entrepreneur is traveling to Florida to help our youngest move back home while she reassesses the direction of her life. This means all my chicklets will be together for the holidays..first time in I don’t know how long that has happened! But I also wonder how I’m going to survive with 5 adults, 1 little Peanut, 3 dogs and 5 cats all under one roof! We will most definitely take family togetherness to a brand new level.

2. My job is to put Peanut to bed at night. While this is sometimes quite a challenge (at five she is a master manipulator), when she is finally asleep, I look at her perfect face with such a sense of amazement. It’s true…nothing is sweeter than a sleeping child…especially one of your own.

3. I’m also in awe of the photographic talent in the blogosphere. I’m continually humbled by the photography of others and my muse benefits from the constant inspiration. But, most of the time I feel like a poser. Somewhere in my mind, I think I could be a contender if I only had more time to really devote to making myself better instead of trying to make do as quickly as possible (because of all those things that need my attention).

4. I’m up to date on all my health appointments (except the one that begins with a C). A rare occurrence as I really hate going to these things and tend to avoid them like the plague. Mercifully, I have no need for most medications common to those of a certain age (over 50). And for that, I’m extremely thankful.

5. It’s Soup Season!! Beef stroganoff stew, chicken and noodle, beef and barley, vegetable, potato, chicken corn chowder……why does soup taste sooo much better this time of year?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And remember, there’s only six more shopping weekends left before Christmas…..

How’s that for a brain slap? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friday Finds and a bit of randomness

  1. oh i’m so with you on number 3….i look around and feel like a loser, comparing my stuff to really good stuff….but it’s my fault, i haven’t taken the time to figure out the real ins and outs of photography, or my camera…enjoy your children!


  2. What a wonderful post, Lisa! Your photograph and the processing are BOTH amazing! I can totally relate to need for prompts and the ‘feeling like a poser’ thing…I have somewhat solved that problem …maybe this will work for you? I ordered myself business cards and labels that read “Janet Murphy. Canadian Nature and Landscape Photographer” …suddenly I feel totally legitimate! hahaha
    Have an awesome weekend…and still those wee critical voices!


  3. Soup is probably the best thing about cold weather season! I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner. We are going very low key this year, even more so than last year. I do love making a huge dinner for us and lazing about afterward.


  4. I loved reading your Random 5!
    You are going to have one full household, but How wonderful your holidays will be.

    I just realized today, that we kind of lose a week with Thanksgiving coming so late this year. Time to get moving! xo.


  5. good picks on your fall soup weather. yum! i love the work i see around bloggy world too. my question is why has “textures” become so famous or the thing to do? i like to see the photo in the beginning? some times wonder why you change it at all? but i guess it is personal taste or likes?! ( :


  6. “I’m trying hard to relish the time before the Christmas cra­zies begin.”

    Me as well, Lisa! And being in retail during this time of the year is so challenging because the holidays seem to SWOOSH by so fast.

    ” It’s Soup Season!! Beef stroganoff stew, chicken and noodle, beef and barley, veg­etable, potato, chicken corn chowder.…..why does soup taste sooo much better this time of year?”

    I love those fall/winter foods during this time of year because they’re so comforting and taste soooo good!

    Love both your photograph AND quote! You’re photos always inspire me, my friend. So thank you!

    Have a falltabulous weekend!



  7. 96 is a lot of crayons: just checked my box and it has 72 🙂
    Good idea to try and name 5 good things. Not every day surely? That would be greedy :-0


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