Changing of the color guard

cat tail by water

In every walk with nature,
one receives far more than he seeks.
~John Muir

Thought you all might be getting tired of seeing the orange, red and yellows of the season. How about a little blue and brown? I always did like that color combination.

Found this shot while walking in park again. I love how, even though I walk the same path every time, there’s always something new that catches my attention. You may remember the Canadian geese babies; the sounds of silence of an empty playground; or my thoughts on comfort zones and unknown paths. All shot at the same park at different times of the year. And I think I’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities.

What new thing have you noticed lately in a place you frequently visit?

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6 thoughts on “Changing of the color guard

  1. I love this color combination too, and I find it most often on empty beaches. This is a wonderful photograph, Lisa.

    I walk or run every morning at about 5am, and even in the darkness, I always spot something I’ve not noticed before. I love that.


  2. Lisa, what a beautiful photo and color combination. Also the quote is faaaaaaabulous!

    I too like brown and blue. I started seeing that color combo several years ago on website designs and it looked great. But up until that point, I never really thought of combining those two colors.

    I like to take different routes to where I usually walk (like the grocery store, walking to work, and from work) I do this purposely so that I see something different each week. It’s funny how we get into ruts of going to certain places the same way all the time, however, when we changed it up a bit, we always see something new!

    Hope you had a lovely Wednesday, my friend!



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