November Photo Challenge: People

photo blog challenge

Well, one would have thought PJ’s prompt of People this month would be super easy with turkey day and other seasonal festivities where people gather together.  But I don’t get out much. So my shots are not super exciting this month. I love to people watch, but when it comes to capturing them photojournalism-style, I sometimes feel like such a voyeur.

Since I’m the one usually behind the camera, this will be one of a very select few photos in which I appear. But it was taken with MY camera, so it counts. This was shot while on a weekend getaway with Peanut and her family to Branson, Missouri.
Peanut Nana Papa

Snapped this with my camera phone while walking in the park close to the office. I look larger than life, don’t I?! Peter Pan’s shadow’s got nuthin’ on me. In reality, I’m only 5 foot 3 inches. 🙂

My side of the family got together for Thanksgiving at my sister’s house. When this happens, my mom always wants a shot of her grandbabykins. It hard to believe these beauties have grown up so much. Ranging from ages 5 to 28, there’s a lot of estrogen in this room.
cousins 2013

Tis the season.
Peanut lights

This counts as a person, right? Of course it does. If you say otherwise, may your name permanently be on the naughty list.

Now, pop on over to PJ’s to check out the other voyeurs everyone else’s “people” finds.

9 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge: People

  1. Family photos are always the best in my opinion. If that was all of your mom’s grandbabies, that is indeed an accomplishment considering the span in ages. My parents have 8 grandchildren and only five were present yesterday for dinner. And our age span is only from 15 to 28.

    Your Tiz the Season shot would make an adorable Christmas card.


  2. ” I love to people watch, but when it comes to cap­turing them photojournalism-style, I some­times feel like such a voyeur.”

    Me too, Lisa! But that’s how I like to take photos of people – totally natural and unexpected.

    Great photos! Especially loved the one of Peanut (Tis the season). Love the lighting in that shot!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!



  3. What beautiful family photos! I adore the little one wrapped in lights!

    I am always pleasantly surprised to find people who are not much taller than me. I have a permanently tilted up head around people, being only 5 foot one and a half (yes, the half is very important) inches.


  4. Your shots capture the month perfectly. From Thanksgiving (U.S.) to Xmas, there’s that sense of the impending holidays. Love the light effect of the xmas lights around the girl.


  5. Fantastic shots! That photo of the little one wrapped in lights should be some family’s Christmas card. Outstanding. I like the way you looked at the theme. Truly a wonderful job this month!


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