Last night Peanut, The Investigator, Entrepreneur and I attended our church’s Family Christmas Celebration. It was an evening of songs and activities for the kids along with a short, animated video about the birth of Jesus. These types of family events are well attended at our church as you can see HERE, and I estimate more than 200 families were present.

After the mass gathering in the auditorium, the families met in the Sunday School rooms to complete a service project…and to teach our children the values of extending concern and grace to others less fortunate than they are.

Crossing Xmas 2

This year’s project was putting together supply kits for the homeless in our town. The kits included such items as toothbrushes, toothpaste, warm socks, bottled water, trail mix, Advil, tissues and other non-glamouous, but beneficial items.

Crossing Xmas 3

Inspired by a woman at our church who took it upon herself to assemble and distribute her own kits, our director of children’s programming adopted the project. Each child could also create a Christmas card to add to the packet. Then, families were to keep the kit in their car and when they encountered a homeless person, they would give them the gift.

Crossing Kids Xmas 1

One of the criticisms of today’s Christianity is that many of its practitioners don’t resemble the face of Jesus. That we’re all caught up in appearances and ritualistic worship and that style is more important than substance.

Well, today there are 200+ supply kits hitting the streets in search of a homeless person. And I’m humbled to be a part of a church that routinely demonstrates authentic Christian love and care through outreach designed to show grace and mercy to those who fall through the cracks in our society.

I hope JC is smiling.

3 thoughts on “WWJD?

  1. “… to teach our chil­dren the values of extending con­cern and grace to others less for­tu­nate than they are.”

    What a beautiful thing your church is doing!

    “Then, fam­i­lies were to keep the kit in their car and when they encoun­tered a home­less person, they would give them the gift.”

    OMG…I LOVE that!

    “I hope JC is smiling.”

    Yup…I KNOW he is!



  2. We did this one year and called them manna bags…funny story, when the pastor announced it from the pulpit, the hubby told me upon leaving “lets go make some banana bags”-cracked me up! The hubby’s hearing is sometimes a little off, lol.


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