Someone thinks I'm a Liebster?

Liebster awardPJ, over at A ‘lil Hoohaa has kindly given me one of those blogging awards. This one is called The Liebster. Now, I’ve never heard of this one and really had no idea what a Liebster was to begin with, so I asked Google because she knows everything.

And this is what she told me…

Liebster is a German word and has a number of meanings:

As a noun: sweetheart, beloved person, darling
As an adjective: dear, darling, beloved, liked very much, affectionate, loving , favorite, preferred above others, liked or loved above others

Awwww, shucks. *blushing*

The rules are simple…post 11 random things about myself, and  answer 11 questions the sender asks, then torture tag 11 bloggers and give them a set of 11 questions to answer. The goal is to drive each other crazy help others discover new bloggy friends. And we all need more friends, right?

The problem is I’m not sure I can come up with 11 new random facts that haven’t already been covered. Eleven, huh? Jeeezzzz…..well, here goes……

1. If I could have any super power, I’d opt to be able to heal people of any physical or emotional scar.

2. I’m a  quote fanatic. If there’s an appropriate quote I can pair with a photo, I’m all over it. But you probably already knew that. 🙂

3. I used to have long hair when I was a child….long enough that I could sit on it. Then, miraculously, when I became a mom and my children started getting older, my hair got shorter.

4. I’d never stepped foot on an airplane until I was in my mid-twenties when I flew to Hawaii on vacay with Entrepreneur. My parents believed in seeing the country while driving on family vacations. In reality, I hate to fly…but you can’t really drive to St. Somewhere.

5. My hair is not colored. Highlighted, yes (to cover the gray). Colored, no. There is a difference.

6. I do not have any tattoos…and do not ever plan to voluntarily get one.

7. I lost 30 pounds last year. I’m still not completely sure how that happened since I’m a card-carrying chocoholic.

8. My favorite time of day is at night when everyone else is sleeping and I’m vegetating with my glass of wine and, of course, a piece of dark chocolate.

9. I’ve never bungee jumped or skydived out of an plane. I categorize those activities with #6.

10. I wish I was musically inclined. Even just to be able to sing well.

11. I absolutely hate ironing, and have been known to leave clothes in the laundry room until the next season just so I don’t have to iron them. But I’m better since the discovery of Downy Wrinkle Release. Is there a support group for that?

And here are PJ’s inane insightful questions for me:

1. What is your dream vacation spot and why?
Anyplace where there’s sand, sun and surf. There’s something about the tropical St. Somewhere’s of the world that renews and restores my sense of self. Or anywhere in Italy because I think I’m really a blonde-haired Italian at heart.

2. Where did you come up with the name of your blog?
I chose peripheral perceptions because so much of life is lived just on the edge of sanity. And it’s on those peripheral edges where we really discover new things about ourselves and the world in which we live.

3. How do you define blogging success?
Bloggy success is defined when I’m happy with something I’ve written, and/or  when someone tells me it’s impacted them in a positive way.

4. What is your favorite type of “going out” entertainment?
It really depends on my mood. I’m not going to lie….I’ve been known to like dressing up and going out on the town in sassy heels with a little sparkly frosting on my ears and fingers. But I equally like pulling on a pair of jeans and heading to one of our local haunts for dinner and a movie. And then there’s always the opportunities to take the grandbabykins anywhere fun where they can squeal with delight.

5. How many states (name them) have you lived in?
I’ve not been much of a wanderer when it comes to permanent living quarters. Sum total of residential states is three. Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
It used to be Halloween just because of the sheer delight in the escape of becoming something or someone else. But, now I believe it would have to be Christmas. Not the commercialized, crazy hoopla that passes as Christmas holidayz….but the opportunity to reconnect and reflect on what matters most in my life.

7. What’s your favorite number and why?
Seven. Or Ten. These are the numbers of completeness.

8. What would be your dream vehicle to own?
Does a sailboat count?

9. What is your favorite hobby?
Would you believe me if I said photography? 🙂

10. How do you try and keep your blog fresh?
I wonder about that all the time. Since I’m not niched in anything in particular, I’m hoping it stays interesting based on the variety of selected topics and tones. That, or my amazingly sarcastic wit.

11. Where do you do your best thinking?
I’m flexible. Anywhere where I can have a glass of red wine in my hand.

Now that you know more about me than you care to, the rules say I’m to award this to and tag 11 other bloggers. I normally just throw the award out there for anyone who reads my blog and would like to play. But this time, I’ll try and follow the rules. I do have a few new blogs I discovered this past year. And there may be a couple that will play along just because they need want new blog fodder. But I make no promises I’ll make it to eleven. 🙂

1. Rebecca at Bumbles and Light

2. Kelley at The Road Goes Ever On

3. Ron at Vent

4. Kristy at My Life in Reflection

5. Patricia at PeaBea’s Patch

6. Kristen at Motherese

7. Carol at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

8. Nancy at A Rural Journal

If I didn’t tag you but you have a burning desire to play, please join in! Because all of you deserve an award for being darling; beloved, liked very much, favorite, preferred above others, liked or loved above others.  Yes, KathrynSuzie, Lisa, Cheryl, Roger, Suzy and BLW, I’m talking to YOU!  🙂

11 questions to answer from me

1. What’s been your biggest surprise about blogging?
2. What is your favorite book and why?
3. What do you do to relax and recharge your internal batteries?
4. What do you miss about being your childhood?
5. What is your most favorite smell in the world and why?
6. Have you ever done a random act of kindness? If so, what was it?
7. If you could design a tee-shirt/coffee mug/bumper sticker saying, what would it say?
8. What did you learned about yourself last week?
9. Are you a planner or more spontaneous in your approach to your day?
10. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in life?
11.  What are the three most important things in your life?

So, that’s it. If  I tagged or called you out mentioned you, I hope you’ll come and play. That’s part of what I love about the blogosphere…the ability to get to *know* people I’ll probably never have the pleasure of meeting in person.


11 thoughts on “Someone thinks I'm a Liebster?

  1. Oh Lisa, this was fascinating to read, both the 11 random things about yourself AND your responses to the questions asked of you!

    “Where did you come up with the name of your blog?
    I chose periph­eral per­cep­tions because so much of life is lived just on the edge of sanity. And it’s on those periph­eral edges where we really dis­cover new things about our­selves and the world in which we live.”

    Thank you for sharing that because I’ve always wanted to know how you came up with the name of your blog (and what it meant), but never thought to ask you.

    “My favorite time of day is at night when everyone else is sleeping and I’m veg­e­tating with my glass of wine and, of course, a piece of dark chocolate.”

    HA! Me as well. ME as well!

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this award with me, you’re a sweetheart, but I no longer participate in awards, memes or tags. However, your thoughtfulness is soooooooooo appreciated. It’s been an utter delight getting to know you through Suzi’s blog this year and I look forward to blogging with you in the new year!

    Thanks again, my friend. Cheers!


  2. that was fun getting to know you better and thanks so much for thinking of me. I enjoyed looking around your blog while I was here as well. I usually just see your quotography. I like how you have things set up.


  3. You my friend, are indeed a Liebster!
    With you all the way on #8, but for me it’s white wine, and most likely more than one piece of dark chocolate! 🙂

    Thank you so very much for including me here, and I wish you a wonderful weekend. xo.


  4. Now I have to figure out why oh why I am not receiving email notifications of your blog posts, nor did I see it on Facebook. I came here because you aroused my curiosity yesterday with your comment. Thank you for liking me – didn’t Sally Field get excited about being liked several years ago? I’m with her – and I shall do my best on this one asap. Had I answered your questions, we would have had a few very similar answers!


  5. You deserve every award Lisa. I iron my work clothes usually on Saturday night–which most likely reveals what a boring person I am. It is not my favorite thing to do, but it ranks above some of my other dad jobs (like yard popper scooper, plumber, hair-clogging-drains-remover, etc.).

    Thanks for the kind note over at my place.


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