Fire and Ice!

dressyIt began Friday night. Entrepreneur and I were invited to a Christmas party! An official Christmas Party! What to wear, what to wear?! We had the impression this wasn’t going to be one of those casual get togethers. So dress-up attire would be needed. And heels! A little sassy metallic heel for the season. Perfect. And a hostess gift. Wine….of course.

The forecast was for freezing rain/rain all day, turning to snow. And they were spot on correct. Towards the end of the night, I glanced out the window and there it was! Snow! Softly falling through frosted panes. It was beautiful.

The drive home was also beautiful…and a little slick. But mainly beautiful with huge, fluffy flakes of snow falling so softly in the dark. Christmas carols played on the radio as we cautiously headed home.

bonfire 2013Contrast that scene with the next day’s event….the annual burning of the brush pile! With new-fallen snow, Entrepreneur decided it was a perfect day to get rid of the dead tree limbs that had been piling up for the last year or so. Truth is, neighbors contribute to this pile every year as broken branches and trimmed-up limbs are added out of the yards. We live in the county so there’s no need for pesky things like permits and permissions for burning. But what’s a bonfire without friends to share it with? The Investigator made her Southern specialties, gumbo and chicken corn chowder. She threw on a pot of chili and we called the neighbors…because when you light a fire of this size, it’s good to have the blessing (and attendance) of the neighbors so no one has a panic attack and calls the fire department.

Definitely NOT a dress-up event! And not one sassy heel in sight. But plenty of Bonfire Buddies. 🙂

bonfire group

And what good is the first significant snowfall without…….


snowball fight 1

Here comes trouble.
Peanut snowball fight

snowball fight 2

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We’re suppose to get another round of freezing rain and snow this weekend…just in time for last minute gift shopping! Perfect.

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8 thoughts on “Fire and Ice!

  1. Hey, I was hoping to escape winter time fun with my stop here. Ok, you are doing it well. Our weekend forecast is for a warming trend, so the last minute shoppers like me are lucky.


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