December Photo Challenge: Festive

photo blog challenge

Festive is the theme for PJ’s December photo challenge. And I wasn’t short on ideas. Granted, they are fairly traditional, but I hope you like them.

Christmas lights always look festive to me regardless of the weather.festive 1

This ornament is one from my childhood. My sister has three and I have three. Not sure how I’m divvying mine up between my TWO daughters when I’m no longer here but that’s for them to figure out.
festive 2

The above ornament can be found on my festive Christmas tree, which will be up until the 12th day of Christmas, January 6th….or until I get the motivation to tear it apart and take it down. Notice the festive handmade decoration, courtesy of five-year-old Peanut.
festive 3

You simply can.not deny this is festivity…personified.
.festive 4

And now, the pièce de résistance….the Magic Tree. Every year this bare tree is transformed with 15,000 incan­des­cent mini lights, 15,000 LED lights and 7,500 color changing LED lights by a local man who calls himself Will Treelighter.  For you math magicians, that’s more than 37,500 lights. Wrapping the tree in lights takes about 40 hours, and Mr. Treelighter does it during the off hours from his day job. He calls it a a sense­less act of beauty.

magic tree 2011-1

But wait…there’s more! A bonus entry because, technically, the *festive* season lasts until January 6th.

December is also the month for birthdays in our family. Peanut’s big brother, The Golfer and Mom all celebrated another year. While we do try and separate birthdays from Christmas, inevitably the lines sometime get a little blurred. But they didn’t ask to be born in the middle of the holiday hoopla, so we do our best to make them feel like Christmas isn’t running over them.
birthday collage

PJ has some other festive links over at A ‘lil Hoohaa. Check them out!

I hope everyone has festive—but safe—New Year’s celebrations.

And yes, this is the daily double post for Tuesday, Dec. 31st. A very busy meme day in the blogosphere.

13 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge: Festive

  1. I had a real job, finding this post. Your link took me to a blank page and, I may be a bit slow, but I really had a job finding my way to your ‘home’ page. I don’t know how I got here, in the end, but it was worth it, just to see your tree! I WANT ONE! It is beautiful!


  2. this link works fine … I am glad you were able to fix it! Lovely festive photos, i love the angels … how beautiful …. and the tree … spectacular!!! Happy New Year to you!


  3. Oh my goodness, Lisa, I have never seen anything like that tree!
    Bless his heart. Such a wonderful Christmas, spirit.
    Love that little Peanut with her bow!
    Happy new Year to you, my friend. xo.


  4. A wonderful Christmassy post. I LOVE that Magic Tree. I can identify with your family and December birthdays. Mine is Christmas Day, but my family always made it special for me. Some wonderful psts here. I love the photo of the robin.


  5. Happy birthday to your mom and everyone else who celebrated birthdays in the month of December. Your last shot of the tree hidden inside all of those lights is amazing.


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