Precious Privileges

sunrise and clouds

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive
—to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love.

~Marcus Aurelius

Many people enter the new year with delusions of keeping by making resolutions with good intentions. I gave up on that a long time ago when my expectations routinely exceeded my realities. Now, I’ve more or less adopted the mantra of just being thankful when I wake up in the morning and am still breathing. Everything after that is a bonus. Like this glorious winter sunrise that recently surprised me!

So, I have no extraordinary insights heading into 2014. The closest thing I have is my Random 5 Friday thoughts for this week.

1. I want to be a better wife/mom/daughter/sister/nana/friend than I was in 2013. Vague, I know, but there’s lots of room for improvement so I should be okay with this one.

2. I want to enjoy life and not dwell so much on the negative. This one will be more difficult. Sometimes I think if I expect the worst, then I’ll never be disappointed. The trouble with that is that many times I probably miss out on being happy.

3. I hope to learn how to appreciate what I’ve been given and not be distracted by what I’ve not been given. In our culture, this is hard. But as I get older, there’s less and less material stuff I just can’t live without.

4. I gained a few pounds over the holidays. I wish I could blame it on someone or something else, but it’s 100% totally my fault. No.Self.Control when it comes to holiday eating. Nope. Nada. Zip.

5. I begin my 8th year as an adjunct instructor for the local J-school in a few weeks. Eighteen college seniors await my seasoned insight. 🙂

That’s about it.

Here’s to a year of hope and promise. Let’s make it the best one yet!

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19 thoughts on “Precious Privileges

  1. that’s a pretty good list…1,2, and 3 are things i want to be better at too…and i’m right there with you on number 4 but i’ve got a new workout i’m excited to start on monday soooooo…hopefully those will just fall off lol…happy new year!


  2. I love the Marcus Aurelius quote. The last few years have really driven home for me how much I need to appreciate just getting up and moving around each day – what a gift each new sunrise and sunset are – but still I want – new wall decorations, new wall color, perhaps another. . . . Right now I have this overwhelming urge to introduce things into my home that reflect me. Only me. No one else. I might need an intervention.


  3. You’re way ahead of me in the ‘list’ business. I don’t do the resolution thing either for much the same reasons as you. But so what? I figure it’s enough of a challenge just to find the joy and beauty one day at a time. Why bite off more than we can chew?


  4. I love your resolution to stop looking for the negative. I have found that i usually find what I am looking for…whether negative or positive. I am starting my second semester of college at the local community college…I’m 50 so it is a pretty big deal for me. I managed to get all A’s last semester and am hoping to do the same this semester as well.


  5. I enjoyed reading your list. I don’t worry about the added pounds over the holiday … I use to, but decided that I know I’m going to put a few on and that after Jan 1 I would work to take, at least, the holiday pounds off … if not more. It seems to work, but I’ve had a lot of practice! Have fun with those young minds! Happy New Year!


  6. Firstly, I love the quote and image at the beginning of your post. And secondly, yes…after my 6+ decades I’ve learned to never dwell on the negatives. It makes life and living so much better.


  7. As with your other commenters–the quote is meaningful and an excellent choice…Those 18 students are Blessed to have be exposed to your wisdom. Hopefully, all the snow and ice days will be behind you when you start.


  8. Wow! That is a beautiful sunrise. I like your five random thoughts. I, too, usually see the worst in every situation (I try not to). I gained four pounds over the holidays, but my daughter-in-law said I could blame it on her. She baked and baked while she was visiting.


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