I'm in need of Vitamin SEA!

In our less lucid moments, Entrepreneur and I think about the possibility of living further south….like waaayyyy south along a coastline somewhere. In our fantasies, we’re retired and living on St. Somewhere as expats…with all the kids and grandbabykins, of course.

Cancun escape

But until those fantasies become possibilities, we’re landlocked and resigned to take vacays to those champagne shores to get a tropical dose of Vitamin SEA. It’s therapeutical for him….he suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)…and the gray winters here in middle Missouri really negatively affect his mood…which, in turn, affect mine. šŸ˜¦

Cancun palm tree

I’m also torn as to whether I could really live someplace that doesn’t have any distinct seasons. I love Autumn and its riot of color. But I also LUV looking out over water and feeling the warmth of the sun on these old bones. The thought of never having another white Christmas makes me a bit weepy, but the probability of another Snowmegeddon doesn’t thrill me either. I like a good January snowstorm that keeps me home sipping hot chocolate in my fuzzy slippers and eating baking cookies. I can tolerate the frigidness of winter for about a month….but then I’m soooo done with it. Every winter, as the temps plummet to single digits and the heating bill rises to triple digits, we look at each other and wonder why we subject ourselves to this year after year.

Like today, for example.

Tell me again why I’m here?

Jax sunset72

Now for some bad news. We’re not going to be escaping to the tropics this year. A serious shift in circumstances has us landlocked this winter. It seems the all-inclusive resort that we books 8 MONTHS AGO has increased their all-inclusive rates and now there’s a minimum charge of 4 adults per room! Since it was only going to be Entrepreneur and I, College Man and The Golfer as adults, plus the two non-adult grandbabykins going, this translated to an significant increase in moolah since we needed 3 rooms. They wouldn’t budge on the requirements and we didn’t think it was fair to have to double our expenses.

The up side is now don’t have to worry about The Investigator going into early labor while we’re out of the country! But this also means I won’t have a new cache of sunsets and ocean shots to share.

But, it is what it is and I’ll just have to deal with Entrepreneur’s SAD(ness) this winter.

Vitamin SEA. It does a body good!


7 thoughts on “I'm in need of Vitamin SEA!

  1. The tropics sound good about now…supposed to hit zero here tonight, brrrrrr! I don’t think I’d enjoy living somewhere I didn’t get to experience the seasons. Though winter is my least favorite, fall is by far my favorite. I don’t like it too hot or too cold…I sound like baby bear who looks for where it’s just right, lol.


  2. Perhaps there is a Vitamin SEA nearer by that would suffice? Maybe not so tropical, but more reasonable? Just for a good dose of sun and sand? On my end, we are having a girls’ week on our coast in early May. My first vitamin SEA since 2010 so I am so excited!


  3. Lisa, I LOVE how you titled this post! VERY clever!!!

    Your temps right now look like how our temps were a few days ago. OMG…it was freezing. In fact, all the snow we got just turned into ice glaciers because of the low temps.

    As you know, I lived in the tropics for 20 year and thoroughly enjoyed it up until about the last 4 years. I started missing the change of seasons, so I had to move back. I have to be honest and say that most people think that living in the tropics would be like nirvana. But it get’s old, just like anything else. Too much of one good thing, doesn’t leave it special anymore. It’s like how I love winter. I know I would tire of it if it was continual.

    So yes, I like living in an area now that has seasonal changes.

    Gorgeous photos!



  4. Gosh, that seems really unfair, Lisa. I am sorry you won’t be getting away. We are expecting a -35 degree wind chill tomorrow, and so yes, sometimes I imagine being further south, but when I think about a warm snowless Christmas…no, I’ll put up with the cold weather. I think. šŸ™‚


  5. We went to the Keys the week before Thanksgiving and that is the only reason I haven’t died from SAD. You know I can beat your -9 and blow your gray all to smithereens with what’s been going on here but I’ll let you have your moment of misery. But, just a moment because you’ve got lots of company across the entire country. Bad winter all around.

    I hate that your trip got prohibitively expensive. I know you guys love your winter break and I’m sorry you won’t get one this year.


    • LOL! Yes, I know you can beat these temps and wind chills! Glad you got to have a little sun and surf to offset your misery. šŸ™‚


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